Generation Lost [DVD] review by Rise Against

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 7
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (43 votes)
Rise Against: Generation Lost [DVD]

Sound — 10
Rise Against sound is like a sonic onslaught of punk rock fused with the screaming of Tim Mcllrath, and this DVD shows just how much they really are like that. This DVD is a Documentary called "How we Survive", which talks about the tours that they partake in. As for music, you really get to hear them and see how good they really are live in the "Burn Hollywood Burn" section. They sound amazing live. Even so, the "Like The Angel" and "Paper Wings" solo sound better. it's the best they've sounded yet.

Content — 7
This DVD's main feature is the documentary "How We Survive". It's basically them talking about each other, friends and family talking about them, and them(the band) talking about family and their lives and the tours and stuff. As well as that, it features "Burn Hollywood Burn", a live section, which I was pretty underwhelmed with. On the back it says it including "Injection", "Like The Angel", "Black Masks And Gasoline" and "Paper Wings", but that's all that's included. The way it is worded makes you think you're getting more, but you're not. It's still my favorite section though because they're so awesome live. The other section is "Making... of Videos", which has all their videos, and the making of "Swing Life Away" and "Ready to Fall", which are both fun to watch. that's all there is, it has no special features or anything.

Production Quality — 8
The quality of the filming on this is pretty decent. The production of "How We Survive" and "Making... of videos" is good, but on "Burn Hollywood Burn", the filimng captures some really good shots, but sometimes the filming is poor, but still, the quality of this DVD is still pretty good.

Overall Impression — 7
As a die hard Rise Against fan, I was somewhat Dissapointed with this DVD. I was hoping to see some good live footage, but only for songs are played live. The best thing on it is the live performances, though. I love how it features all of their music videos and the making of "Swing Life Away" and "Ready To Fall", I was dissapointed with the live cuts, and was presently surprised with the "How We Survive" documentary. For a Rise Against fan like me, get this DVD. If your not a big fan, save your money and buy something else.

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    Rise against is sick, sounds like a good dvd, needs some more live footage from the sounds of it though
    I think this was a good DVD, i agree with the lack of live footage, but footage still doesn't do justice to when your at one of their live shows. I liked the inside look at their lives, made me relate to the band alot more.
    Saw Rise Against at Leeds Festival and they were awesome, would love to get my hands on this DVD but HMV and Virgin have no records of it existing, the only place ive managed to find it was on an American website. If anyone knows a UK supplier please tell me. Cheers
    It's a great DVD for the price. True, there could be more live footage, but then the price probably would've had to go up. The main documentary is great, and so is the video section, so all in all it's worth the money. Rise Against is an amazing band... any fan should have the DVD!
    Is it just me, or does the second guy to the right in the Rise Against picture on the main page of UG look like Thom Yorke from Radiohead?
    I just saw them with mcr and they were ****ing amazing deff a 10 excellent espically because they were playing in there home-town chicago, and i'm seeing them again in march with mcr and im stoked
    whocares09 wrote: favorite all time band, saw them at warped, going to see them in march with mcr (boo) but im gonna be picking this dvd up soon
    you said it all
    Great DVD, I wish they had more from Burn Hollywood Burn. And it kinda felt like they're could've been a lot more to How We Survive.. It was still really good though.
    It was a great DVD, but after watching some of the performances at low quality on Youtube, and expecting them to be on the DVD in better quality was disappointing, because some of the footage from The Troubadour isn't on the DVD.
    favorite all time band, saw them at warped, going to see them in march with mcr (boo) but im gonna be picking this dvd up soon
    Need to get this dvd! amazing band, got tickets for there gig in may at manchester , cant wait!!!!!
    wtf? these guys are incredible live, they should have a full hour devoted to their live performance!! oh well, just go see them next time they come to town, then you wont need any live footage.
    Rise Against is my favorite band right now. I own every CD from them and know a part from just about every song they have ever performed on guitar and bass. My girlfriend bought me this DVD for Christmas, and although it is good, it doesn't have near enough on it. The documentary is a solid hour or so, but the four or five songs they have live just doesn't cut it. But I guess if you have about $13 to spend on a band DVD, go for it.
    that dvd is amazing i own it and ive watched it like 12 times in 2 days it does need some more live footage though but it still owns
    The dvd is o.k. The 5 live songs all kick ass! A totally live one would kill. They really hit it with the live songs. I totally recommend it if only for the live songs. I guess the videos are cool but, I can't stand any videos of any artist.420
    I didn't even know about this DVD yet , but i love this band , its ****in ace xD Somehow im always dissapointed when i get DVDs from bands...:p
    Rise against is deffinitely a band that you should see live if possible. this DVD is gonna make you wanna see them on tour hands down