Revolutions Per Minute review by Rise Against

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  • Released: Apr 8, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (65 votes)
Rise Against: Revolutions Per Minute

Sound — 10
Rise Against has a sound like no other band out there. They are very versitile they have Hardcore stuff for the headbangers, Punk stuff for the... well, punks, and alternate rock for the other people. Revolutions Per Minute is my favourite album from Rise Against because it has a bit of everything. It is their second out of five albums and their earlyer stuff is much more Punk And Hardcore then their later stuff. Probably one of my favourite things about Rise Agaiinst is the bass guitar. Joe Principe is amazing. But everything is also just as amazing.

Lyrics — 10
I Think all of the songs worth listening to, I never need to skip one of their songs. But I'll rate each one individually. 01.Black Masks And Gasoline: a great song about the american government. I love the verses but the chorus is a little dull. but it's still an a great song and if you listen closely in the second verse a crazy bass solo kicks in at about 1:16. 9/10 02.Heaven Knows: when I first listened to this song I thougt it was alright but after a while I started to love it. my favourite part is the guitar intro and bridge. the verses and chourus are really intense and I like how the last outro verse is slower to end the song 9/10 03.Dead Ringer: this song is my least favourite song of them all, but I'm not saying it's bad but it doesnt't have much of a meaning to it and it doesnt't make you want to keep backtracking it to hear it again 8/10 04.Halfway There: this song has a great guitar part but the intro is a bit too long and boring. I think it would be better off if they skipped the little intro thing and just went on to the faster part. 8.5/10 05.Like The Angel: one of my favourite songs on this album, I love the bass intro and outro and it's based on a love story which you don't find much by Rise Against. 12/10 06.Voices Off Camera: another favourite of mine because it's really punky and more cheerful and happy which is also important. the bridge thing is alright and I love the chourus. 11/10 07.Blood Red White And Blue: an amazing song about america and the attack an 911. the chourus is great and it's one of their faster songs. the solo at the end is AWESOME!!! 12/10 08.Broken English: this is a really different song by Rise Against but is really good. I like the guitar and the singing but it's really hard to figure out the chourus. it's also another fast cheerful song. 10/10 09.Last Chance Blueprint: this song seems like it's half a minute long, but that's because it's so dang fast. very catchy and will get stuck in your head. 9.5/10 10.To The Core: I really like this song because it is super hard core but also because most of thier stuff is based on the govenment and global problems, this song is a more personal attack. 9/10 11.Torches: my favourite song on the album and one of my favourite song by Rise Against in general. the guitar is amazing and the vocals are perfect. last verse really slows down the song but that's good, because then it goes right into the mind blowing chourus. 100/10 12.Amber Changing: personally this song is OK, I think it's a bit too slow and boring. but it still has a meaning and to me that counts a lot. 8.5/10 13.Hidden Track: once I heard this the first thing I did was laugh. you will never ever expect this cover. it's alright but it's not Rise Against at all. too busy laghing to rate.

Overall Impression — 10
This is my favourite album because it's very well rounded. I think Rise Againsts early stuff is better because it's more punk than alternative rock. The best songs are: 01.Torches 02.Like The Angel 03.Blood Red White And Blue 04.Voices Off Camera 05.Every Other Song I love the fact that the album isnt so long that you fall asleep litening to it, but not too short that you forget about it. the only bad thing is that the some of the song are a bit short and you might miss them if you don't pay attention. if I lost this album I would buy 3 more copies just incase I lose another.

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    One of the best albums ever, they even manage to make you laugh with the hidden track. Everything you would want from an album, deffinately worth buying!
    This is probably my favourite RA album hands down. Every song was brilliant and I also liked this album because it's one of their heavier ones. Like the Angel wa actually the first RA song I ever heard and its what got me into them. I love how the lyrics to To the core are about internet trolls, I've never actually heard a song bashing trolls before and I hope that every troll eventually hears To The Core