The Sufferer & the Witness review by Rise Against

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  • Released: Jul 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (241 votes)
Rise Against: The Sufferer & the Witness

Sound — 9
I love Rise Against sound, but it is different on "The Sufferer & The Witness" compared to its other three albums. WHich isn't a bad thing, this album sounds more mature and experienced then the older ones. Rise Against still kept it's political lyrics in this new album which keeps the old fans, but has a bit different sound that will attract new fans.

Lyrics — 10
The Lyrics in this CD are unbelivable. They are easy to relate to and have deep meaning. You can expect that from any Rise Against CD. Tim (the lead singer) really used his talent in writing lyrics on this album. I was expecting alot with this album from Rise Against, it's hard for a band to follow up three great albums, and they met my expectations. The singing on this album is great, for example the song "Road Side" Tim sings along with another female singer that does backing vocals, and has a great sound.

Overall Impression — 9
The Sufferer and the Witness is a great follow up to their CD "Siren Song Of The Counter Culture", I didn't thing they could produce a fourth great CD but they proved me wrong. I love how they put deep meaning into the lyrics. I don't like that the CD only has 13 tracks, Thats about my only complaint, I wish they had a couple more songs on it. I would buy this CD again if I lost it. I would even buy it for someone else if they lost it. It is a very good CD.

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    I've been listening to the first 3 songs constantly over the last week. BTW, the only song I can recall Tim screaming in constantly is State of the Union :/
    dude who cares what genre it is...its it for what it is...dont try to classify it into a group thus taking away the artists identity...this is a good cd...others may not agree thats there opinion...lay off just a bit and enjoy music...not bicker over it
    i agree with meonme, who really cares? the point is that they kick ass and this is the best album of the summer, bricks, prayer of a refugee, drones and roadside are the best on this album in my oppinion survive is also really good
    this album is like a serious contender w/ stadium arcadium for my fav album of the summer! rise against is the shit and this album rocks. my current fav is injection.
    ok. rise against is def. a "punk" band. They're from the Chicago Hardcore scean. OO.... and Hardcore (screamo) is part of punks lineage. Emo, screamo, powerpop, and pop punk.... guesswhat, all stem from the stuff the 'mones or the ny dolls did back in the day. Meanwhile, the cd's good. Not great, but good. By far, the best song of the album is roadside... or The Approaching Curve. Good album, 7.6, maybe an 8... but not a 9.
    Captian Xero
    Great CD. Been listenin to it for a while... I like their older stuff better... but hey, Doesnt mean that this cd doesnt Own
    yeah i've been following rise against since i heard Like the Angel from their Revolutions per Minute album.. and That and Siren of the Counterculture were very well put together albums, nothing sounds redundant, i mean i never actually even thought to compare side by side cuz i mean, its great music. and I just listened to Sufferer and the witness, and yeah i personally think its a lot heavier than the other two more energy, sounds a little smarter even, but yeah, VERY good band, VERY good music..
    wow, cut down on the genre battles. don't come in here just to say rise against sucks or you will be warned. checked.
    i've seen Rise Against, v good band. and even in state of the union he doesn't scream constantly. good band; have yet to buy this cd but i bet it kicks ass like the last 3 did!
    ZeppelinFan3890 wrote: I hate how new albums ALWAYS get at least a 9 and usually 10's.
    maybe thats cuz the new music is really good :o haha ever think of that?
    bothe the band and the cd are great. ive been listening to the cd for the past weekend. my favorites on it are roadside, prayer of the refugee, and behind closed doors. this is going to be one of the best albums of the summer.
    meonme : dude who cares what genre it is...its it for what it is...dont try to classify it into a group thus taking away the artists identity...this is a good cd...others may not agree thats there opinion...lay off just a bit and enjoy music...not bicker over it
    yea, they are hardcore punk, but i thiknk they got too poppyish instead of like revolutions per minute or siren song of the counter culture. dont start cursing and yelling at me cause i only heard that one song so im not buying the cd....
    INNOCENT VICTIM wrote: They're not a punk band
    If they're not punk, what the hell do you think they are?
    Truth Seeker
    [quote=DingoDance] Odd to say it, but I feel the old Offspring vibe in this song. Very solid.[/quote] I've been hearing that, and at first I couldn't hear it, but now that I've looked back at the song, I do. Interesting... it's a good vibe. It's also a good album...
    all i have to say about them is that brandon barnes is one of the craziest, fastest punk drurmmers i nkow. especially when it comes to his foot. and one other thing.. WOOT!
    Yay my review got accepted! haha Rise Against is amazing, I agree with all of you.
    Rise Against is definitely a punk band. Stop being elitest morons, no one cares. This CD is amazing BTW, love it.
    no, rise against screams, its just tim is such a talented vocalist his scream transitions into his normal singing so well it just flows. on the other topics people said, rise against IS obviously a punk band, not nessecarily hardcore though they do have a few hardcore songs on RPM and the unraveling, and you can thank all the metalcore, emo, screamo bs bands for killing scream. they scream when it doesnt need to be used, and the emotion it can convey is null. luckily, when rise against does it, it still fits perfectly. they may be on a major label and more popular than ever, but they havent sold out thankfully
    They have hade a few "hardcore-ish" songs tho. This Cd rules. period.
    tvkillsnathan wrote: genre arguements are for queers. Screaming is f***ing dead. All these bands sound the same. I'm sure they have super long song titles, too. but I wouldn't know bc I don't waste my time w trash like rise against.
    Probley cause you're too busy spankin it to gay porn.
    I love this CD. I was pleasantly surprised, as not many bands can whip out four solid albums in a row.
    great band. they make some of the best punk music iv heard in my 8 years of listening to it.
    omg ra kicks super ass and this review does a good job summing up the album and i agree with their favorites chosen and i was one of the losers at meijer 120 in the morning
    2 that dude that said screaming is dead i agree but rise against dont actually scream the singer has the best vocals ive heard in a long time without the band going all pop-wateva which most bands do nowadays.
    Yes, I usually hate how albums get 9-10 too, but this one does truly deserve it.
    you're missing out if you are not buying only for that song, because they arent all like that, and if you know rise against, you should know that none of their songs sound alike =p