The All-Star Sessions review by Roadrunner United

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  • Released: Oct 11, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (130 votes)
Roadrunner United: The All-Star Sessions

Sound — 10
Varied, because obviously it isnt just one band, but this album is mainly heavy and thrashy. There are a few less heavy songs, which I also love. The guitar skills are great, with some amazing solos, and the drumming is great too, espcially from team captain Joey Jordison.

Lyrics — 9
The booklet didnt have lyrics in it, but from what I've heard they are pretty good. Each song has a different singer, so singer skills are always gonan be differing, but most of the singers are great, the best performances coming from Matt Heafy, King Diamond, Kyle Thomas and Howard Jones.

Overall Impression — 10
01. The Dagger - kick starts the album, with a powerful drum beat going fitting perfectly to the pressing guitar riff. Howard Jones sings much better than Flynn on this, mainly because he is generally better, but ya know. Also a brilliant solo from Jeff Waters 10/10. 02. The Enemy - Andreas Kissers introducing acoustic guitar totally misleads you in terms of the style of the song, because it is similar to The Dagger. I think Cazares picked the right vocalist for this song, Mark Hunter from Chimaira sounds like he wrote this 10/10. 03. Annihilation By The Hands Of God - mindblowing drumming by Joey Jordison on this one, and a pretty good guitar part in the verse too. I don't like Glen Bentons voice much though. The chorus is pretty catchy though 8/10. 04. In The Fire - being a great Trivium fan, its great to see Heafy and Corey play together on this track, along with living legend King Diamond. The chorus is like a metal Freddy Mercury song, which in this case isn't a bad thing. It says in the sleeve that Matt Heafy plays acoustic guitar, which I don't hear in the song. Great solo too 10/10. 05. The End - this is the first single off the album, and rightly so. You can tell from the off that this song is gonna be great. With the best vocal performance from Matt Heafy ever, and a chilling guitar/keyboard part in the verse, this makes for one hell of a song. This is the best song on the album by far. Also, the drumming from Roy Mayorga goes perfectly with the guitar 10/10. 06. Tired 'n Lonely - catchy song, sounds a bit like Velvet Revolver. This obviously a Joey Jordison song, because it involves him and James Root of Slipknot. The most Slipknot-sounding song from Jordison, who I think has done well to try something different for his songs on this album 10/10. 07. Independent (Voice Of The Voiceless) - the only song involving Max Cavalera, which I think is pathetic. He should have been a team captain, having co-founded Sepultra, a band who influenced the respective bands of the other captains in one way or another, and being a success with Soulfly. But he does brilliantly here. Flynns best song 10/10. 08. Dawn Of A Golden Age - out of the team captains, you would expect this to come from Jordison or Flynn, but in fact this was written by Matt Heafy. Good performance from Dani Filth, and some great drumming by Mike Smith of Suffocation 10/10. 09. The Rich Man - takes more than a minute for the actual song to start, and starts off very calm, but you can tell its gonna lead to something. Corey Taylor suits this song well, but it doesnt really take off till the end 8/10. 10. No Way Out - this song is so un-Jordison, it almost sounds like Blink 182 at points! That would be explained by the fact that the singer is from Glassjaw. Still a great song though, but very different from everything so far 9/10. 11. Baptized In The Redemption - good song, with more great guitar playing from Andreas Kisser. Not a brilliant song in general though 7/10. 12. Roads - brilliant acoustic song, sang well, and brilliantly written too. One of the highlights of the album 10/10. 13. Blood & Flames - sounds alot like Trivium, which would be down to Heafy playing guitar. Would be a highlight if it was on Ascendancy, which is saying something 10/10. 14. Constitution Down - even more amazing drumming from Jordison, and some good bass playing from Steve DiGiorgio. Another good vocal performance from Kyle Thomas. This is a well written song, and is probably Jordisons best on the album 10/10. 15. I Don't Wanna Be (A Superhero) - really catchy song, with good lyrics too. A punk song through and through, which isn't suprising since it is sung by a singer from Misfits, short and sweet, alot like Misfits, really 9/10. 16. Army Of The Sun - Rob Flyyn's best song, and good singing from Tim Williams in the chorus especially. Sounds a bit like Trivium again, which makes me think how good it would be if Heafy and Williams sang together on a song like this 9/10. 17. No Mas Control - the chorus sounds a bit like Linkin Park, but it then returns to a proper hard rawkin' verse, with good rhythm kept by Dino Cazares 8/10. 18. Enemy Of The State - starts with piano by Josh Silver, and builds up to something which sounds a lot like Nymphetamine Fix by Cradle Of Filth, Grand finish to a grand album filled with great performances in all departments 10/10. Overall, if this was a competition between the team captains, I think the rankings would go like this: Joey Jordison, Matt Heafy, Dino Cazares, Rob Flyyn. I will explain: Jordison really has broken from his Slipknot mould (other than Tired N' Lonely, which could beat most Slipknot songs anyway) and gone for different approaches to every song. He also drums brilliantly and chose the perfect vocalist for each song. Heafy has done almost as well as Jordison, but has stuck more to his Trivium formula, which is a lot safer for him, because he is after all only 19. His songs are also very catchy. Cazares songs dont really stick in your head, except for the obvious exception of The End, which is the best song on the album. If it wasnt for that masterpiece, Dino would be below Flynn. Rob Flynns songs really dont do so much for me, although bringing the kick ass to the album, along with Cazares partly. Other than Army Of The Sun, none of his tracks are very memorable. Here are the best 2 songs from each captain: Joey Jordison: Tired N' Lonely, Constitution Down. Matthew K. Heafy: In The Fire, Dawn Of A Golden Age. Dino Cazares: The End, The Enemy. Rob Flynn: Army Of The Sun, The Dagger.

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