The All-Star Sessions review by Roadrunner United

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  • Released: Oct 11, 2005
  • Sound: 1
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 8.9 (130 votes)
Roadrunner United: The All-Star Sessions

Sound — 1
The Story: Celebrating Road Runner's 25th birthday, they've gathered a few artists which have collaborated together, and in the end made an entire album full of recycled and directionless garbage. The duties of composing was thrown towards four 'Captains'. We have on board: Robert Flynn of Machine Head, Slipknot's drummer 'Joey Jordison', Dino Cazares (A former guitarist that played for fear factory) and last but not least Matt Heafy from the melodic metal band 'Trivium'. Hell knows what could happen having these four hands working on the record. My Impression: An 18 track album with Goofy-Green-Day-Like songs, Recycled Evanescence garbage and even a nice directionless hit from Deicide's Glen Benton, "Annihilation by the hands of god". Out of the dirt, Three golden nuggets have been picked out. Heafy's "In the Fire, Dani Filth's "Dawn of a Golden Age" and along with Joey Jordison's "No Way Out". Almost the Entire Album is full of filling material, with repetitive riffs and a poor effort to make it a success. You should really save your money.

Lyrics — 3
I didn't want to even look at them. Especially "I Don't Wanna Be". Honestly, it's the most ridiculously stupid bullshit written in history. At least it goes along with the upbeat thrashy punk material. Some songs are about the war in Iraq, some others about unimportant subjects such as Glen's rant about heaven and gory matters, and the same goes to the bland "Tired 'N Lonely". Which has the same emotion as every other tedious 'copy and paste' track. I don't think they did their best, but I gotta say "In the Fire" is the best out of the worst.

Overall Impression — 2
As mentioned, this is an album full of mixed artists, so not every song sound's the same. It gives it a good variety, but it just doesn't cut it. Not when I have to save myself from losing five minutes all the time. I'd give credit to Matt Heafy (Trivium) for making the only decent song on this album, titled "In The Fire". It gave me hope that I didn't have, for expecting another kick ass song to be found later in the album (Seeing as it's one of the first tracks. But no. Zilch. Most of the more chunky stuff in the album is quite repetitive and un-motivational. At the mark 2:25 in "The Enemy", I thought I was listening to the start of the next track. There's lots of little things in here that make the album suck even more, and I'm daring you to find out. If this album was stolen, I wouldn't give a shit. Because someone lent me this CD.

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    I can't see your guys point of view, but I respect it. But honestly, In the fire is KING! :p
    gotta say, i've only stumbled on this album recently. ****in lovin it. recommend it for any metal fan out there. well worth a listen
    I ****in love this album so many different bands. Trivium are my fave band and me and my mate love slipknot than throw excellent form Machine head , Fear factory and Sepultura and you got wat called be called the greatest Modern Metal album ever ( The reason i say modern is because there was albums like Master of puppets and Reign in Blood that are different genres too compare)
    Best tracks on this record are Annihilation by the hands of God and Dawning of a Golden Age