Cradlesong Review

artist: Rob Thomas date: 08/05/2009 category: compact discs
Rob Thomas: Cradlesong
Released: Jun 30, 2009
Genre: Pop Rock / Alternative Rock
Label: Emblem / Atlantic
Number Of Tracks: 14
Rob Thomas follow's up his 2005 solo debut, "...something to be", with his new release, "Cradlesong".
 Sound: 4
 Lyrics: 2
 Overall Impression: 2
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overall: 2.7
Cradlesong Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 05, 2009
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Sound: Rob Thomas follow's up his 2005 solo debut, "...something to be", with his new release, "Cradlesong". Much like his last album, the new one is a complete left turn from anything we are used to hearing from MB20. This album left me scratching my head a bit. How can someone who has written some of the most solid music of the past decade put out something so bad? There are maybe 3 songs out of the 14 on the album that are worth listening to (Real World '09, Still Ain't Over You, and It's Getting Late). The rest sound like a weak ass attempt to be Timberlake. I get that musicians like to change it up a bit and not repeat the same old thing over and over. But, when you listen to everything Rob Thomas has been apart of (Tabitha's Secret, MB20, "Smooth"), you wonder where the hell this came from. // 4

Lyrics: Songwriting has always been Thomas' strong suit. People can say what they want, but Rob Thomas can write. The lyrics of this album are pretty good. Nothing really jumps out and makes you think about what the hell he's trying to get across, but they are by no means bad. The problem is, the music that surrounds the lyrics is what's bad. Too much electronics and effects. I would love to hear Rob Thomas do an album with just him and a guitar like Jakob Dylan did with "Seeing Things". I love what this guy has to say most of the time, but I can't get past the bad musical arrangement. // 2

Overall Impression: Listening to this album was one of the biggest dissapointments I've had in a long time. On "...something To Be", he had songs that were solid like, Ever the Same, When the Heartache Ends, Problem Girl, and Now Comes the Night. I have tried to listen to this album many, many times. Everytime I do, I end up skipping to the next song about 45 seconds in because I just can't take it. I am a big Rob Thomas fan, but this album is just not good, at all. // 2

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