Hellbilly Deluxe 2 review by Rob Zombie

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  • Released: Feb 2, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (56 votes)
Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe 2

Sound — 9
Rob has Definitely changed his sound since White Zombie... That dose not mean it's bad. Some songs have a more hardcore vibe (Jesus Frankenstein, Werewolf Women, Sick Bubble-Gum), while some songs have a jumpy vibe(What?, The Man Who Laughs, Werewolf Baby). Most of the songs have a unique tone to them. All of the songs sound very polished and sound great. John5 does a great job on guitar and Clufetos is great on the drums especially in The Man Who Laughs. It really sucks that they got Joey Jordison to take his place for the HBD2 tour. I have no problem with Joey( He's {Sic}!), but I would rather see Clufetos live.

Lyrics — 9
Rob's B-Movie vibe is still here and resonates through all the songs. The standout tracks on the album are-Jesus Frankenstein, Sick Bubble-Gum, Mars Needs Women, Werewolf Baby, Cease To Exist, Werewolf Women, and The Man Who Laughs. Jesus Frankenstein has the lyrics of a mellow Slayer song. Mars Need Women has the good ol' Zombie stomp rythm and is of course about aliens...from MARS!! Werewolf Women of the SS is a song written about the short faux trailer Rob did for the movie "Grindhouse" and is my personal favorite besides Jesus Frankenstein. The Man Who Laughs is a long-ass song but an epic one. It has an underlying orchestral score that does a great job in adding to the song. All in all HBD2 does a great job in delivering the Zombie vibe that I love.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, HBD2 does deliver a big punch and has me really excited to see Zombie live for the Mayhem tour. What bugs me about it is the title, I mean this has a very different vibe from the first Hellbilly. Hobo Jesus would have been a much better name. But the title is not part of the music so...

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    Sick Bubblegum probably has to be the most retarded song ever. Rob wouldn't be shit without John5 now. Yeah you can say its catchy but you could put a catchy melody to "Fuck me in the ass" and it would be catchy, but that doesn't make it any good. The lyrics blow so bad. Rock mother ****er, rock the mother ****er, rock mother ****er????? Wow you woulda thought that after being a professional musician for so long he would at least be able to write decent lyrics like he used to. Sorry but it seems like you put out catchy shit to be played everywhere Rob.....write something good next time.
    I think they only reason why I listen to HBD-II is because of John 5. I definitely agree with the boring and lazy catchy stuff. He needs to step up or get out of the game.
    sinister urge is still his best. Maybe not the most single-spawning album, but the whole production of it and overall sound it had was the best. I think what alot of people misunderstand is that Rob Zombie has pretty much completely changed his music style since then though. The differences between just La Sexorcisto and Hellbilly deluxe are huge. With the addition of John 5, I think Rob's just changed his style again. He's lucky, because at least he still has a large fanbase that supports his new stuff where as for alot of musicians these changes can lead to their downfall.
    HBD2 is awsome! its different but still rocks... and i saw him in the gruesome twosome tour/HBD2 tour and he still puts on a very awsome show!
    HBD2 is awsome! its a little different but still rocks. I saw him in the Gruesome Twosome/HBD2 tour and he still puts on one of the best shows to date!
    Awesome album, although i dislike the album cover i much rather the special edition one.