Truth review by Robben Ford

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  • Released: Aug 7, 2007
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 8 (12 votes)
Robben Ford: Truth

Sound — 4
Robben Ford pretty much fits straight into the genre of electric blues. It doesn't get much more straightforward than that. There are no unexpected twists in this album, which is both good and bad; good in the sense if you're looking for that kind of music, and bad in that it offers no variety whatsoever throughout the whole album. Upon listening, I could have sworn that I heard the same song three or four times. But, as far as listening goes, it's not the greatest album. Sure, I'll listen to it maybe once a decade, but nothing to go crazy over. Overall, happy that I got a listen, but don't plan on any more in the near future. The one song that I am impressed by on this album, though, is Moonlight Blues. It's decent. May get a few rotations in my iPod, but nothing more. But, on the album again, there's nothing overly complex. It's true blues music doesn't necessarily have to be complex, but this album, to me, is pretty bland. Nothing is amazing. The few points it receives from me are from Moonlight Blues and the fact that it's an okay listen.

Lyrics — 2
In my honest opinion, Ford's voice is not amazing. And, it doesn't have that burning passion that an amazing bluesman should have. As for lyrical content itself, I wasn't especially attracted to it. In fact, it was more of an instrument itself. I got bored pretty quickly trying to listen to the vocals, let alone actually hearing them. And, when I did, it was nothing special.

Overall Impression — 3
If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not a big fan of this album. Ford has some other great albums, but this is definitely not the one to define him by. All I can say that's good about the album is the one good song, Moonlight Blues and the cover's kinda cool, I guess. I had more interest in looking at the figure on the flame maple top of his guitar than listening to the record, just to give you an idea. Not worth a purchase, but if you're into this (and I'm really into blues), maybe worth a listen or two, nothing more.

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    I sort of agree, though I don't find it to be a bad album! It's pretty mediocre by Ford's personal standards, but compensates by being more accessible. I think Robben's voice is a little smoother and jazzier than your average bluesman,and this gives the songs more of a 'pop' feel. The production is a bit too polished to make it feel like a true blues album anyway. Moonchild Blues is the standout, though I also quite like 'Riley B.King'(cheesy as it is). Basically, it's an hour's worth of easy-going Rn'B/blues-rock ,certainly nowhere near Robben's finest but still a worthy album...
    The Truth is.. the debut Yellowjackets album attained such Everestian Majestic Heights that there was nowhere to go but down... and this happened real fast on the followup album Mirage-a-trois-- I can't understand the sheer lacklustre-ness of the followup and it got a grammy nomination, and they basically phoned it in... that's all I had to say on the enigmatic Robben Ford's career.