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artist: Rod Stewart date: 05/07/2013 category: compact discs
Rod Stewart: Time
Released: May 6, 2013
Genre: Rock
Label: Capitol Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
At this stage in the game, most artists would have resulted to becoming simply touring off of their greatest hits. But with "Time", Rod is continuing to give it his all.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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Time Featured review by: UG Team, on may 07, 2013
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Sound: Few other artists can say they've been successfully rocking the music scene, as both a solo artist and as part of a band, for as long as Rod Stewart has. Rod first began his musical career back in the early 1960s, as being part of the band Jimmy Powell and The Five Dimensions. From there, he was a member for a long string of bands, as well as launching his solo career in the late '60s, before eventually joining the now iconic rock group known as Faces. Since then, Rod has released now 28 studio albums on his own, not to mention played a significant part in forming some of classic rock's most memorable songs.

At this stage in the game, most artists would have now retired, or resulted to becoming simply an oldies band and touring off of their greatest hits. But Rod is continuing to give it his all, and does exactly that with his new studio album, "Time". And even more surprising is that despite what you might infer from the title, time is something that has not affected Rod in the obvious ways that it does most other artists pushing 70 years old.

For example, if we take a look at "She Makes Me Happy", Rod easily hits those high notes that most other artists at his age would struggle with, while backed by some contagious acoustic guitar work and some Celtic influences that makes for an overall standout song. No matter where you set the needle, "Time" is another top notch effort from Rod Stewart, whether it's the emotional ballad "It's Over", which deals around a recent heartbreak; or the racing "Beautiful Morning", there's little standing in the way of this album becoming an instant classic. // 8

Lyrics: A true surprising feature that comes alongside this new outing is the strengthy vocal performance that Rod gives. Like I mentioned above, most artists at his age would have hung it up long before now, or just stick to playing their classics night after night. But Rod is continuing to create great sounding new music, and vocally he sounds just as good, if not better, than he did on those albums from 40 years ago. // 9

Overall Impression: For the most part, "Time" is another standout album from Rod Stewart, that shows the renowned rock musician continuing to create music that sounds fresh, powerful and strong. Boasting proud Celtic influences and acoustic guitar playing, "Time" has Rod continuing to step into broader territories, while continuing to sound like himself. For any fan of his earlier works, this is a must-have album, that won't leave you disappointed. // 9

- Lou Vickers (c) 2013

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