Calling The World Review

artist: Rooney date: 11/02/2007 category: compact discs
Rooney: Calling The World
Release Date: Jul 27, 2007
Label: Geffen
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
Calling the World might not be radically inventive, but its solid songcraft and playful shout-outs to rock history are a lot of fun.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7.5
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overall: 6.3
Calling The World Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 27, 2007
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Sound: Rooney's sophomore release is catchy, quirky and charming. A most interesting aspect of Rooney's sound on 'Calling the World' is that they sound like a British band with a hint of Los Angeles class shining through. Songs like the title track are melodic pop rock numbers that should do well in the charts, particularly in the UK, due to the Oasis influences. With melodic solos to match the rhythmic chords and reflective vocals, Rooney may be seen by some as a band merely trying to top the charts. However, the three year gap between 'Calling the World' and their debut album epitomizes the band's tenacity. Rooney lists bands such as the Ramones, The Clash and The Rolling Stones as influences, but one quickly notices that they lack the edge of these bands. It briefly shows on the track I should've been after you, but the section in question quickly fades into an electronic pop breakdown. It is difficult to be overly critical of a band with a track that manages to cleverly incorporate synthesizer and crushing guitar on Are they Afraid, with melancholic vocals wailing over the music and a neat guitar solo midway through the song. Rooney will never be a pioneer of their genre, but they do offer an album perfectly designed for the summer. // 7

Lyrics: Lyrically, Rooney doesn't offer anything new to the genre. It's all very well for background music, but with so many quality bands, past and present, in this genre, the vocals and lyrics truly are a downside to Rooney's sophomore attempt. The repetitive, wailing vocals can prove painful to the ears and front man, Robert Shwartzman's voice is a love it or hate it one. It's dreary, melancholic and slightly nasally in places. All three of these adjectives can be seen positively or negatively to be honest, sounding perfect in some places, but horribly clichd in others. // 6

Overall Impression: While some may perceive this album to be a poignant example of pop rock today, the fact is that although it's a great record, it's a very safe record. The ballad Help Me Find My Way includes an impressive string arrangement, but in the view of this listener, is a stereotypical rock ballad. That isn't always negative, but some originality is always appreciated. Perhaps Rooney wish to pay homage to their influences, but such a band shall never have their own distinctive sound, look or production. Calling the World is worth a listen, but will it be worth a listen twenty years from now? // 6

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overall: 8.7
Calling The World Reviewed by: ShaunC7789, on november 02, 2007
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Sound: Rooney's coming out of california have recently released there second album "Calling The World" The album has a much more 'rockier'and harder feel compared to their previously self titled release. The album also has a focus more towards the keys and synth element of the band, the keys and synth help to develop this new rockier sound and act as a perfect acompnient to the guitars, drums and vocals. Another new element intorduced to the band is the use of violins in certain songs which again helps to give this record it's maturity in sound. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics genrerally on this album are generally good, some can sound disjointed and alittle awkward but it manages to flow on the whole quite nicely. In some aspects the lyrics can get a tad cheeesy, towards the end of "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" the talking lyric section just seem out of place and irregular to the overall song. But generally well written lyrics and nicely put to the music. // 8

Overall Impression: Rooney have managed to join the list of bands this year that have eliminated the second album myth. On the whole the album is an improvement on the last and is a worthwhile buy and will have you humming and tapping along to the smooth melody and driving bass lines untill it pains you to continue. Well worth the money, well worth a listen. // 9

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