Perhaps, I Suppose review by Rufio

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  • Released: Jun 12, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.8 (10 votes)
Rufio: Perhaps, I Suppose

Sound — 10
This album starts off so amazing it's not even funny. Rufio's Above Me has to be one of the best if not best Pop-Punk/Post-Pop Punk song ever. These guys are all amazingly talented and once you get over Rufio's singers clogged nose sound reminiscent of New Found Glory and listen to the music, it is heaven to your ears. Many people like to call them "Horrible", "A Stupid Pop Punk Band", and "Just another New Found Glory" but I dont blame them I was like them at once. I thought Rufio was a NFG knockoff but once I watched them live and popped in Perhaps I Suppose my jaw dropped. This album is perfect from beggining to end give them a chance and I promise you'll be singing their songs all day and night!

Lyrics — 10
First of all, I think their singer's voice is great and very unique even though he gets compared alot to Jordan from NFG. The lyrics are amazing "Above Me" is like the pop-punk love song to give to your girlfriend for Valentines ("To look at the mountains vast and great. Is one step above in seeing your face.") I mean and so is "Slowdance" an amazing song that reminds you of your high school prom ("And your standing there alone and so am I, But I want you here by my side.") And the amazingly beautiful and honest "Face the Truth" ("You take a look around, and dont like what you see, There's people you don't know, But you know they care"). and Tears... Wow the Emo fan's sad song of the cd ("Tears are feelings we can't say. Tears mean that you care. Tears are mixed emotions Tears are more than tears"). This album is perfect.

Overall Impression — 10
Ok, At first I hated Rufio and I thought they lacked originality, creativity, talent, and anything that would make a band stand out. But once I heard Above Me and the talent they possesed it made me more interested. Finally watchin them at Warped Tour sealed the deal I was their fan. I picked up the cd for 10 bucks and went home. The next day I played the cd and I was amazed. Buy this cd you won't regret it and give them a chance they'll amaze you and this cd has a song for every emotion you have and will help you out.

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