2112 review by Rush

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1976
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (74 votes)
Rush: 2112

Sound — 10
Rush is one of the best bands ever, my favorite. Geddy Lee, the singer, is really talented with the bass and singing. Niel Peart is one of the best drummers of all time and Alex Lifeson is Really Good. Together they play fanomanally. Niel actually tunes his trums to the bass guitar. You really have to aquire a liking to this band, with what they sing about and all of that. This story is just about the future. A lot of a space age kind of style used.

Lyrics — 10
Niel Peart is a lyric machine. He has a wierd and creative way of coming up with lyrics. Every song has it's own meaning and it is fun to listen to because of this. It is always different from everyone else. Geddy is good because he is good at singing and bass. Normally you are good at just one but not this guy. He Plays the bass pedals the rythem guitar and sings at the same time.

Overall Impression — 10
When you compare this to their other albums they are all just as good but this one is good. The era they are in durring this album was their best ever. If it was lost or stolen I would buy two so they couldnt both get stolen. And the albums aren't that ezpensive so it is easy to get a new one. I love the cover of it and I have it as my background on my phone. The only thing I would change is that on the album says "The Rush Remasters" on the side. I would change that. Niel Peart has drums down to an art and he can hit the chimes while his single bass drum and druming as smooth and quick as any other drummer out there.

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    you can't have something for nothing, I love that song, can't beat 2112 though. between Geddy's bass and Alex's guitar work, this album kicks ass
    JL Sevenfold
    First of all, thumbs up to Modernmusich8er, this album deserves to be bought, not stolen. People who complain about talent, they don't know what music is about. It's not about shredding amazing random solos, it's about making music that sounds good. 2112 is one of the coolest songs I've heard, ever, because of the story. By the way, here's a saying I hope everyone follows: If it's not worth buying, it's not worth listening to, so don't steal.
    buckethreadsrules, im sorry but you are no true rush fan..... the song is 20 minutes and 33 seconds. and geddy is better than cliff burton and les claypool mmanson.he influenced both of them and is insane. i gotta say that bass is much harder than guitar though MUCH HARDER. o my god it has two less strings! THAT MEANS NOTHING, JUST MEANS ITS HARDER TO WRITE SOMETHING BECAUSE THERE ISN'T AS MUCH OF A RANGE FOR NOTES. ALSO, THE FRETS AND STRINGS ARE FATHER APART, ITS EASIER TO GET USED TO USING FINGERS THAN A PICK THOUGH. i dont even play bass and i am ok at it, i play guitar though.
    Scottishmob is correct about Geddy Lee being a better bass player than Burton (although im a metallica fan i must admitt it). but i dont think bass is haarder than guitar. i think they are both equaly hard TO GET GOOD AT AND MASTER.
    this album=genius. i just bought it and i can't stop listening to 2112. that song is so fun to play too
    geddy lee is the best bass player ever but his bass playing on this album isnt as good as some of his other stuff. still this is one of my favourites and its too bad its not more appriciated by all music fans
    2112 is cool, but they cut out Discovery & Orical when they play it live. Bummer!
    mmanson wrote: Ppl talkin about guitarist being unrecognized and doubting their skills - stop complaining bassists deal with that every day - let bassists get some respect/recognition ppl act like its so easy but its not- ppl who play bass and say that are ppl that dont try to play any thing hard and have never heard of burton and claypool
    i agree, i hate when people are all like "its so easy, it only has 4 strings"... wtf does the amount of strings have to do with it? its how u play the instrument not the instrument itself. RIP Cliff and oh yeah... 2112 is my favorite rush album mainly because of the title track. EPIC!!!
    AngryGuitarist wrote: Dude these guys are satanic! look at that pentagram lol
    and btw, (sry for posting twice) but thats not exactly a pentagram, its not an inverted star, idk if that makes a difference tho! anyway their not satanic... geddy's bass playing is godly!
    Great album, gotta love temples of syrinx from 2112, their best album in my opinion Rainbow is Gods greatest musical gift to the earth
    "Instead of lyrics about women and drugs," Have you read the lyrics to "A Passage to Bangkok"?? It is clearly about drugs. But you were stating that Rush has intelligently written lyrics, which is true. Just wanted to point that out.