Clockwork Angels review by Rush

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  • Released: Jun 12, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (172 votes)
Rush: Clockwork Angels

Sound — 10
Rush ceases to amaze me. I first got into their music when I was 11 years old (somewhat strange you could say, considering I was born in 1997), and immediately had to know and listen to everything about them. The trio's sound has changed so much over the years, and now going back to some of their earlier musical roots, for a lot heavier music then they were playing in the 80's and 90's, with albums like "Snakes & Arrows" and now "Clockwork Angels", as opposed to "Roll The Bones" or "Power Windows". Another thing that was a first for Rush in "Clockwork Angels" is the fact that it is a concept album, telling a story of a boy traveling across a steampunk world, fighting an evil Watchmaker who is seeking to rule the land. If you haven't listened to the album yet, I strongly suggest doing so. Rush has yet to be anything but perfect in my eyes.

Lyrics — 10
Neil Peart's lyrics have impressed almost everyone I've shown them to, whether it be my friends or my English teachers. The concept of the album seems really cool to me, and his lyrics carry just as much meaning as always, and are still brilliantly written. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, writing the music for Neil's thoughts, again did an incredible job. All three of them being amazing musicians, writing great music, while still being rather theoretically complex (Just how I like it, haha). Geddy and Alex always take the time to make sure how Neil really feels about the songs he writes, and then reflect his and their emotions on the topic into the music. As for the skills of Geddy's singing, I feel it's a matter of opinion. Some people like it, some don't. Of course, you've probably already guessed that I think Geddy is a pretty good singer, and can still even belt out some Rush classics from the 70's.

Overall Impression — 10
Comparing Rush to another band is difficult. If you were to try, you'd have a easier time separating the phases they went to, and then you could hear the musical influences. An example I usually use is the song "Between Sun & Moon" off of the album "Counterparts". Listening closely, you can hear the influence from The Who in the song, especially during the guitar solo. As for my favorite songs from the album, I usually choose not to pick one. But most impressive? Haha, I find all Rush songs impressive; the level of musicianship in "Clockwork Angels" is as astounding as always. The only thing I would've like to have on the album is an instrumental. I read an interview with Geddy saying that "Headlong Flight" was originally going to be one, but the band decided against it when Neil's lyrics fit so perfectly. Thinking about it, I'd probably prefer "Headlong Flight" with the lyrics rather than without. Other than that, I love the entire album, and have no problems with it. It's definitely worth the money, and I'd buy it again if necessary.

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    Whether you like CA or not(I love it), you know RUSH puts on a hell of a concert. Don't be a dolt and not go see them play live because you don't like CA.
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    Root Beer
    After being together as a band for 6 years, they released their first album in 1974 and after this point experienced no personnel changes.
    No, their first album was with a different drummer, so technically they have changed lineups since the first album.
    jonBon probably born in the early 80 or 90's no nothing about Rush.....too young
    I don't think it's that great of an album. Individually everything is clever, but together...I just don't feel it. There's no foot tapping, head banging, finger tapping etc. times. I just sit there and listen to it. It isn't relaxing it's just music. I'll probably get 50 down votes for this comment though because all the Rush fanboys will just see me 'hatin' on Rush.
    awesome album, rush is my favorite band of all time, a lot of people may think im too young to know anything about them but i know a lot my favorite song is 2112 and the whole fly by night album is amazing, this may not be the greatest comeback ever but it's a great album, cant wait to hear more new material from them
    Rush albums can be rated in terms of the number of listens it takes to like the music. On most of the albums before Signals, it took one listen. On the albums after, it takes about a dozen; they're great musicians and do very complicated arrangements but on the albums since Moving Pictures that hasn't resulted in songs that actually sound good. The Beatles weren't particularly good musicians and their music was never very complex but they had great songs.The members of Rush are virtuosos on their respective instruments but they're songs just aren't very good. Complex isn't necessarily nice to listen to; for all their great musicianship the bottom line is their songs sound bland and uninspired. The transition album was Signals, which had two good songs in Subdivisions and New World Man, but the rest of the album pretty much sucked. In 1982 this was a stunning disappointment coming from a band that had put out at least half a dozen albums in a row which were loaded with great and highly original music and it was genuinely exciting anticipating each new release. They were so full of surprises and could really make you say "WOW!" The albums after Signals make Signals seem awesome by comparison.
    Root Beer wrote: After being together as a band for 6 years, they released their first album in 1974 and after this point experienced no personnel changes. No, their first album was with a different drummer, so technically they have changed lineups since the first album.
    Which is exactly what the quote from Root Beer says.....