Counterparts review by Rush

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  • Released: Oct 19, 1993
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (16 votes)
Rush: Counterparts

Sound — 9
The sound was very well done, after coming out of 'Roll the Bones' and 'Presto' and using of the effects of the synth's. Counterparts was a heavy album of sorts, where they let out their 'yah yahs' (as Geddy put). The album was completely impressive. From Animate to Stick it Out to Cut to the Chase. From Alien Shore to Between the Sun and Moon. Double Agent is possibly the favorite song of mine off the album. It gives the demented feeling that Rush doesn't usually do, but then it gives the super rock feeling that makes you want to listen again.

Lyrics — 9
The Speed of Love wasn't a very good song. I didn't like it. Cold Fire was almost the same way. The singing, the lyrics didn't fit the music. Weren't most of the songs working along the songs like usual, and not just singing during background music? Neil Peart was always impressive with his lyrics, and he always makes them the best he always has done since the start. But, some of the music and singing just didn't fit very well with some of it on two songs. But other times, it worked out beautifully. Sing along!

Overall Impression — 9
Downward looking? I say not. Yes, some of the songs were somewhat awkward and not impressive, but, majority of the songs were good. The album is on my recommendation list because, the bass rough and good, the guitar is flawless, studio and live, the drums are just too great, pack it with good lyrics, and you have a solid album. This album doesn't hype up to their latest, or even Moving Pictures, but it still packs a punch.

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    This could be one of my favorate Rush albums... oh yeah it is! But for the first review, Virtuality has good lyrics, they arn't bad at all, but thats just my opinion. I dont get why Neil was writting about sex though,(Nobody's Hero, The Speed Of Love, or Alien Shore)? But, Animate and Cut To The Chase have really good lyrics.
    rush fan2112 must not be a true rush fan. A true rushfan loves all of the albums no matter what
    Big Tommy P
    I bought this album without previously hearing any songs, possibly the greatest choice I ever made. Animate, Nobody's Hero, Leave that Thing Alone, and Cold Fire are some of the greatest songs that Lee/Lifeson/Peart ever wrote.