Hold Your Fire review by Rush

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  • Released: Sep 8, 1987
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (11 votes)
Rush: Hold Your Fire

Sound — 9
Well I just bought this album yesterday with Feedback and it's pretty good. I've listend to it about six times sence than. Songs like Force Ten and Prime Mover are good "Rock Out" songs. Force Ten has a great bass line in it and you can here it throughout the song! Songs like Mission and Tai Shan are just fun to listen to. Tai Shan is cool because it has all of the chinese pipes and strings in there. There is one last song that I liked a lot and that one was Turn the Page. The intro is smoothe and whatever. My favorate song on this album is Mission. I just think it sound really good! All of the other songs are just okay.

Lyrics — 8
Neil Peart has awalys written good lyrics from Fly By Night to Snakes and Arrows. It's just some are better than others. In Hold Your Fire he tried way to hard. I think the lyrics are WAY too deep. What he talks about and stuff, it's just too deep. Mission has good lytics and they are deep so that's okay, you can do that with some songs but, with Time Stand Still, he went over bored. Force Ten, Prime Mover, and Tai Shan sound more like Rush songs. Neil Peart is a god either way. Geddy Lee's voice sounded awesome, as awalys. I don't think there is much to say about him. He's spastic on stage, but when you've got a voice no one else has and you the best bass player, you can do that!

Overall Impression — 9
It has it's ups and downs. Force Ten, Prime Mover, Mission, Turn the Page, and Tai Shan are my favorate. Time stand Still is a good song but the lyrics are way over my head! Rush is a great band so don't hate them because of Geddy's voice or because thier songs actually have meaning! This is a good album. If it were stolen I'd cry. If it was lost I'd find it. See Ya! I'm going to get some Ice cream now.

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    "All the other songs are just okay" Yet you gave that section 9/10. "He's spastic on stage" "I'm going to get some Ice Cream now" Why on earth would you post a review and just dawdle through it? I honestly can't tell whether this review was serious or not? I'm not trying to sound like an asshat but it just seems a bit too stupid for a review.
    I think you guys are just jeleous you dont have any ice cream. But sTarbuck, watch the big money from when they preformed on rush in rio, and you'll see geddy is sprinting and skipping across the stage! as for the 9/10 thing, 1- I said I liked more then half the songs on the album. 2- just cuz I dont like 2 or 3 songs dosen't mean the sound and composing of the songs sucks! And I try to have fun when I write a review, If you dont like it, dont read it! You can go write ahead and write a boring review!
    Big Tommy P
    RuShRoCkS! I have a quick question, and I don't mean any offence, as I found your review quite entertaining, but how old are you?
    All I'm gonna say is 4... cuz I was born on leap year try to figure that out.