Hold Your Fire Review

artist: Rush date: 11/03/2013 category: compact discs
Rush: Hold Your Fire
Release Date: Sep 8, 1987
Genres: Hard Rock, Prog-Rock, Art Rock
Label: Mercury
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Hold Your Fire" is an album in the purest sense; infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, it gradually draws in the listener by slowly revealing its nuances and secrets.
 Sound: 8.7
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Hold Your Fire Reviewed by: RuShRoCkS!, on july 02, 2008
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Sound: Well I just bought this album yesterday with Feedback and it's pretty good. I've listend to it about six times sence than. Songs like Force Ten and Prime Mover are good "Rock Out" songs. Force Ten has a great bass line in it and you can here it throughout the song! Songs like Mission and Tai Shan are just fun to listen to. Tai Shan is cool because it has all of the chinese pipes and strings in there. There is one last song that I liked a lot and that one was Turn the Page. The intro is smoothe and whatever. My favorate song on this album is Mission. I just think it sound really good! All of the other songs are just okay. // 9

Lyrics: Neil Peart has awalys written good lyrics from Fly By Night to Snakes and Arrows. It's just some are better than others. In Hold Your Fire he tried way to hard. I think the lyrics are WAY too deep. What he talks about and stuff, it's just too deep. Mission has good lytics and they are deep so that's okay, you can do that with some songs but, with Time Stand Still, he went over bored. Force Ten, Prime Mover, and Tai Shan sound more like Rush songs. Neil Peart is a god either way. Geddy Lee's voice sounded awesome, as awalys. I don't think there is much to say about him. He's spastic on stage, but when you've got a voice no one else has and you the best bass player, you can do that! // 8

Overall Impression: It has it's ups and downs. Force Ten, Prime Mover, Mission, Turn the Page, and Tai Shan are my favorate. Time stand Still is a good song but the lyrics are way over my head! Rush is a great band so don't hate them because of Geddy's voice or because thier songs actually have meaning! This is a good album. If it were stolen I'd cry. If it was lost I'd find it. See Ya! I'm going to get some Ice cream now. // 9

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overall: 7.7
Hold Your Fire Reviewed by: FourthHigh, on march 18, 2013
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Sound: "Hold Your Fire" takes place in the keyboard-flushed soundscape of 80's. Lifeson's guitar has been processed to a dreamy twang at this point, and Lee is using some variety of Wal-Bass, trebling his way into bassist heaven one sick line at a time. I'm not sure what Peart was using in his kit, but I believe he was into electronic drums at the time, and there is the inclusion of the xylophone... so... whatever, Peart has got you covered. As far as the production goes, this has got to be the "cleanest" sounding Rush album ever produced. That is a vague description of it, but then again I am not an audio engineer, so what do you want from me? Overall, I like the sound. // 8

Lyrics: Okay, I may be wrong here but I believe almost all the songs follow an "A-B-C-B" rhyme scheme. This gives the lyrics a very processed, somewhat whimsical feel. Could also be construed as "cheesy", I'm afraid. Geddy has become very good at shoehorning pretty much anything Neil writes into the constructed melodies at this point, so reconciliation of music with lyrics is in no way a problem. As far as singing is concerned, I personally find Geddy to be a very skilled singer with a somewhat unpleasant natural timbre. Fortunately, he is very restrained vocally on this album, never delving into the charged shrieks (which served a certain pathos) that characterized their early work. Couple this restraint with the already soft production and you have a listening experience surpassed only in ease by the forthcoming "Presto". As for the lyrical content itself, I found there to be a strange divide within the 10 tracks. Roughly half dealt with personal matters and reflections, whilst the other half was more of a continuation of the subject matter of "Mystic Rhythms" from "Power Windows". That is to say, they seemed focused on aspects of mysticism or even primitiveness. "High Water", in particular, struck me as a kind of eerie ballad that seemed out of place sharing space with the likes of "Second Nature". Generally speaking, though, the lyrics are characterized by the sort of latent erudition all of Peart's stuff has. // 7

Overall Impression: I notice many Rush fans using "Moving Pictures" as a sort of touchstone or litmus test for the excellence of any post-Brown release by the band. It is, of course, something of a masterwork, unparalleled in its emotional breadth and tightly wound, electrifying performances. That manic, virtuosic energy still resounds in tracks like "Lock And Key", "Turn The Page", "Force Ten", and the flooring instrumental interlude from "Mission". But I guarantee you that the Rush of 1981 would not have been able to write "Open Secrets", a haunting interpersonal analysis somberly colored by exquisitely chosen, chorus approximating synthesizers. To write that song required for them to progress through the soundscapes of the anxious "Signals" and the despairing "Grace Under Pressure". It is, of course, never an easy matter to progress. And the album on the whole is slightly disjointed, perhaps. And perhaps the material lacks the zest and verve of "2112" or "Moving Pictures". But so long as Rush can produce a song like that... well, I'm still in.

// 8

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overall: 9.3
Hold Your Fire Reviewed by: Benjamin2112, on november 03, 2013
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Sound: Rush is my all time favorite band. Out of any music I've ever heard of, seen, or been in contact with has absolutely nothing on Rush. "Hold Your Fire" was my very first Rush album, and it was a real good one. When you consider all the rest of the albums I could have started on with them, this one is definitely different in its sound compared to the rest. It seems like it has a bit of a jazzy vibe to it, the album before it 1985's "Power Windows" pointed toward this album and how it would end up. Geddy is an amazing singer, around 1980 I'd say his voice lowered a bit which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I love Geddy's voice I find it simply fantastic, never sounds bad to me. Regular Rush instruments are pretty well used here on the album including: keyboards, synthesizers, bass, guitars, acoustic drums, and electric drums. Many if not all of the songs have keyboards in it, layering the overall sound making each song fuller really. I thought the '80s Rush period was great too, I don't like all the dislike of this period in their career. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are really good, Neil is a hell of a lyricist. Very deep and well thought out lyrics like he usually writes in Rush tunes. The lyrics work out wonderfully with the music, I can't picture them to be any better that's for sure. My favorite lyrics have to be in the songs: "Second Nature," "Turn the Page," "Tai Shan," "High Water," and "Time Stand Still." Specifically: "It's hard to take the heat, it's hard to lay blame, To fight the fire, while we're feeding the flame." - "Second Nature." "Everyday we're standing in a time capsule, Racing down a river from the past, Everyday we're standing in a wind tunnel, Facing down the future coming fast." - "Turn the Page." // 9

Overall Impression: I personally think "Hold Your Fire" holds up pretty good to other Rush records even "Moving Pictures" and "2112." Everything about the record really rocks and sounds great to me anytime, I can turn it on anytime and I'll be in the mood for it. The most impressive songs on it IMO are: "Force Ten," "Time Stand Still," "Second Nature," "Mission," "Turn the Page," "Tai Shan," "High Water." I love the overall sound of the record and how each song sounds with each other, I'd say they gel together quite well in whole. I don't anything about it why would I? If it were lost of stolen I'd run out and buy it again immediately, it was one of my very first CDs and I love it. I wouldn't think of getting anything else to replace it ever. // 10

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