Moving Pictures Review

artist: Rush date: 04/17/2009 category: compact discs
Rush: Moving Pictures
Release Date: Feb 7, 1981
Label: Mercury
Genres: Album Rock, Hard Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Arena Rock
Number Of Tracks: 7
Rush proved with Moving Pictures that there was still uncharted territory to explore within the hard rock format, and were rewarded with their most enduring and popular album.
 Sound: 9.8
 Lyrics: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
Moving Pictures Reviewed by: rush4life, on february 07, 2006
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Sound: First off, I can't believe nobody has reviewed this album yet! This is one of Rush's best albums ever, and it is extremely popular (well, as popular as Rush gets). The sound is amazing, and all of the instruments sound great. The production quality is awesome, and I love Alex's tone for his guitars! This album was more Rock/FM oriented, so it's a bit more commercial than other concept albums like Hemispheres and 2112. // 10

Lyrics: 01. Tom Sawyer - we start the album with a classic. Really good vocals from Geddy, and a cool solo. From the synth intro, to the great lyrics written by Neil, this song rocks. 02. Red Barchetta - this starts with a cool harmonic intro, with a kind of more laid back feel. The lyrics are futuristic I suppose, about a kid visiting his uncle who has a Red Barchetta (nice car, BTW) and he takes it for a ride, and ends up racing other people in "alloy air-cars." Great song, with cool tones. 03. YYZ - there it is, one the coolest intrumentals I've ever heard. The song has no lyrics, but it really rocks. The guitars sound awesome, the bass work is great, and drums are amazing. I really like their performance of this on Rush In Rio. Also, in case you were wondering, YYZ is the area code for the Toronto airport, where Rush are from. 04. Limelight - a great rock song, with a cool opening riff. I love his distortion here. Alex is the master of creating cool tones. The lyrics are great, and talk about fame and what it means to different people. Geddy's vocals are awesome on this one. 05. The Camera Eye - this is more of a classic style Rush song, and it clocks in at about 11 minutes. It uses some good synth work, and sound effects from cities. The lyrics are mostly about the bustling cities of the world. Great guitar work as well. 06. Witch Hunt - a different song, with strong lyrics about prejudice and hate. Really creepy sounding, and heavy on the synth. Still a good one though. 07. Vital Signs - another different one, that hints at the sound the Rush would have later on in the eighties, with a lot of synth, and more chord work by the guitars instead of solos. Still a catchy song, with great vocals. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, it's a tremendous album, and it's probably the best album for people who are just getting into Rush, and don't want to be scared off by the 10 minute intstrumentals and concept songs of earlier albums. The album that is closest to this one would probably be Permanent Waves, which is also pretty mainstream friendly. I love it to death, and if I lost it, I would by another one, because I have all of their albums, and wouldn't want a space in my collection! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Moving Pictures Reviewed by: njustice4all, on may 26, 2007
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Sound: As every rocker knows Rush is one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Due to their originality and smoothness in their sound and the fact that they have not changed thier music much in the past 35 years. Neil Peart does an amazing job with every hit of the drum in this album. On many lists he ha been declared as the best drummer of all time, because nobody can drum like he can. The best song on this album would definetly have to be YYZ. It is completely instrumental and wouldn't be better with lyrics. In fact it is probably the best Rush song to date, if you ask most die hard Rush fans. // 10

Lyrics: Geady Lee does an awesome job singing and playing bass at the same time for a Canadian. Just recently I found out that Rush was Canadian, but you can't really notice it bacause Lee's voice sounds all American, eh. On a scale of 1 100 I would have to give Geady's singing skills an 88-95. // 9

Overall Impression: Even though this album was released over 25 years ago (1981), it is thier best and probaly can't be beat any time soon, if Rush tried. This album is the very essence of rock n' roll. The only band that Rush is very similar to would have to be Led Zeppelin. I bought this album in 1985. And I can't stop listening to it. Most of the time when I'm driving to work I listen to Rush. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Moving Pictures Reviewed by: TheLlamaMan, on april 17, 2009
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Sound: The sound in Moving Pictures (Rush's eight studio album) is nearly flawless. You can tell the band knows what they are doing, as all the parts flow perfectly together and sound brilliant. The album also uses synthesizers quite a bit, and some experimental stuff that really turned out well. Neil Pear is regarded as one of the greater drummers out there, and this album really showcases his talent with some crazy drum fills and rhythms. Geddy Lee's bass playing is also amazing, and unlike a lot of bands from the era it can really be heard and is really important to the overall sound of the songs. Alex Lifeson's guitar playing is also top notch and the guitar solos really get you into the music. This album is very progressive, but also straight out hard rock. Overall, this is album has some of Rush's best playing and best songs in my opinion. // 10

Lyrics: There are more to the lyrics then what might appear. The band really shows some of their progressive talent with the lyrics and writing of the songs. As usual, Rush's lyrics could be considered more of the brain then the heart, very technical and intelligent. Geddy Lee's singing is often criticized for his high and almost female sounding vocals. If you're familiar with Rush, expect the usual, but if this is your first time hearing Rush, expect high pitched vocals. The only reason I'm giving this section a 9/10 is because I too didn't like Geddy Lee's vocals at first, and it really took some listening until I got into them. For those who dislike Geddy's voice, keep listening, it'll grow on you. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this album is an absolute masterpiece. There isn't a single song on it that doesn't appeal to me. It contains some of Rush's more famous pieces: "Tom Sawyer", "YYZ", and "Limelight" to mention a few. From the very start this album has you captivated, and you won't want to stop listening until you've heard everything this album has to offer. This album is great, and any fan of Rush, hard rock, progressive rock, or any genre at all, should totally check this album out. Not only is it one of my favourite albums by Rush, but one of my all time favourites. Full of epic songs you can really get into, this album is truly amazing. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Moving Pictures Reviewed by: TJM2482, on january 10, 2008
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Sound: If you've never heard Rush before, you may be either in for a treat, or in for a new hell. This is mainly due to the vocals of Geddy Lee, who some would call more on the "girly" side. It's a progressive rock sound. The guys of Rush are all quite competent at what they do, as their drummer Neil Peart is regarded as one of the best. It sounds like a mix of classic rock, progressive rock, and straight rock. This album is aggressive, spacey, and at times, awe inspiring. // 9

Lyrics: Geddy Lee is is love/hate singer. I for one am in the middle, but I do like him. He's a good vocalist, and the songs on this album have some good lyrics. One of the tracks, YYZ, is full instrumental, but you don't miss the vocals at all, it's a great song. Geddy Lee DOES have a habit of getting quite annoying after a number of songs, and in some songs tends to sound like he's more "talking" than singing, which isn't that big of a problem, I'd just like a more "musical" sounding vocalist. // 8

Overall Impression: I personally think this is their best album, considering it has three of their biggest songs (YYZ, Limelight, Tom Sawyer). Those are the songs that really shoot this album into a high tier of rock quality. I love the progressiveness of it, the changing sounds, as you almost forget that what you're hearing is simply a guitar, or a drumset. All I can really knock this album for is the vocals of Geddy Lee, which will vary depending on your personal opinion of him. If lost, I would get it again. This is a must-have for any Rush fan. // 9

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