Snakes & Arrows review by Rush

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  • Released: May 1, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (315 votes)
Rush: Snakes & Arrows

Sound — 9
I loved the new sound Rush has put together. It combines the heavy sound of Vapor Trails and the proggresive rock style of Hemishperes (and mabye a bit of 2112). I was a bit dissapointed however in the first couple of songs, because I did not hear many solos (terrific songs never the less) they have some pretty good solos in the later part of the album though (Faithless, Main Monkey Business, Malignant Nracissim) but nothing face-melting. Hope was a acoustic peice from Lifeson, which was a great piece of music, but that's not the type of stuff I like. And, as always, great bass grooves (especially in Malignant Narcissim) from Lee and awesome drumming from Peart.

Lyrics — 8
The lyric scheme is simple, fate, relegion abuse, hope etc. Some the best lyrics were in songs loke Armor and Sword, Bravest Face and We Hold On, but in other songs the theme was too appartant, repetitive and tiresome. Altough we don't hear Geddy's high pitched wails (like in 2112) anymore, he seems to sing in a calmer, smoother voice(with the exception of the annoying cracks in his voice) and does well for a guy who's 53.

Overall Impression — 9
A great album, one of the better Rush albums to come out in the last few years. The most impressive songs to hear were the two instrumentals, Main Monkey Buisiness, and Malignant Narcissim, (there's even a quote from Team America in Malignant Narcissim lol). The solo in Main Monkey buisiness was the best one on the album in my opinion. Also, Geddy uses his voice like an intrument on the track and it surprisingly sounded good. If it were stolen I'd get it again and curb stomp the kid who stole it from me.

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    It's not that people don't like Rush, it's the fact that the music has changed. Their best album had to be 2112. After that they started to go with the flow, which is why people stopped listening to them. But my 2 favorites off Snakes and Arrows are Far Cry and Armor and Sword.
    WOW! This album is amazing. I am only 14 and have listened to Rush al my life and know every peice of music they've ever played. This album seems to remind me of the Grace Under Pressure era of Rush. The lyrics in Faithless sound somewhat like Neil Peart is talking about how he resists religeon, I'm not posotive but I would realy enjoy knowing. It's a fantastic album and I reccomend it to any Rush fan. P.S. I'm going to see them this month in Tampa for the 2nd time. YESSSSS, I cant wait.
    Man, the drumming in the intro to Snakes and Arrows (the song) is pretty killer, and Geddy's voice sounds sweet in the end of Bravest Face. The Way the Wind Blows is my fav, or THe Main Monkey Business. THere both pretty kickass. ROCK ON RUSH. I have fifth row tickets for the london show!
    So good, Great job Guys, The album brings a big smile and lot's of memories while listening. My favorite part is Neils thanks,-at the heart of it all- Carrie
    danv2916 wrote: Man, the drumming in the intro to Snakes and Arrows (the song) is pretty killer!
    By the way, it's not snakes and arrows it's armor and sword.
    That's what i meants to say, my bad. Anyone know the tuning for hope, i really want to figure out that song! THERE IS NO TAB!
    Rush is my favorite band!!! BUT, i was disipointed by this album, it had a few good songs, especially the instrumentals, but all in all i thought it wasn't very good, but since reading all these comments I think I will listen to it a couple more times.