Blood Stained Love Story review by Saliva

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  • Released: Jan 23, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.2 (31 votes)
Saliva: Blood Stained Love Story

Sound — 10
Overall I didn't expect anything special out of this CD 'cause I was disappointed in how there last CD turned out. However, this is definately there best work yet, and that is quite an accomplishment considering how good "Back Into Your System" was. The sound of this album resembles Back into your system, except it takes the sound to an even better level. The majority of the songs on this CD sound like that of "Always" and "Weight of the World", which were the best songs on that CD. Also the guitars and percussion sound amazing as well. All in all this is a very solid rock album that should be a major milestone in the rock world. In my opinion the best songs on the album are: Ladies and Gentlemen (which is already a single), Here With You, Starting Over, and Never Gonna Change. Those are the best songs, but the rest of the album is good as well. The only part where the CD lacks is Black Sheep and King of the Stereo, but they're not too bad. All in all, this is definitely one of the best CDs I have. It has been the only thing in my CD player since I bought it, and it won't be taken out of my CD player for a long time.

Lyrics — 10
Overall the lyrics are amazing. The lyrics flow very smoothly with the guitars and drums. My favorite song is Here With You. It isn't a very heavy song like a few of the other songs on the CD, but it is a very, very good song and the guitar parts in it are awesome. This song, along with all the other songs are amazing, but w/o the voice of Josey Scott the album wouldn't be what it is. After listening to the album you can remember all of the songs because of the amazing hooks that Josey Scott places in his music. There is pretty much something about each song that will appeal to anyone who was a fan of "Back Into Your System."

Overall Impression — 10
In my opinion this is by far their best work. The best songs are Ladies and Gentlemen, Here With You, Starting Over, Going Under, Never Gonna Change, Broken Sunday, and Twister. I realize that I pretty much summed up the whole album, but that's how good the CD is, I can't really tell you the best song cause they're all actually really good. This is one of the best cds that I have and honestly the only cds that I could think of being close to as good as this one would be Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" and Hinder's "Extreme Behavior". You can't really compare this album to those though because of how different their music styles are, but I can assure you if you like meaningful rock and hard rock such as their album before last, Back Into Your System, you will absolutely adore this album. If this CD was stolen from me or I lost it I would, without hesitation, buy it again, before I bought anything else. All in all the overall impression I get from this album is Wow! Saliva has still got it!

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    D_evo wrote: all that i have heard so far is Ladies and Gentlemen, which really discorrages me from listening to this album becuase it is one of the worst songs i have heard in a long time. But Saliva defainlty has some decent stuff.
    Thats what I thought at first... Ladies and Gentlemen was the first track I heard on this album and I thought it was very... not good, and I thought that Saliva might have gone stale... But "Broken Sunday" "Never Gonna Change" and "Black Sheep" as well as the rest are amazing, I actually can't decide if this or Back Into Your System is my favorite Cd.
    This is a good CD. The few ballads are decent. Mainly Starting Over. Ladies and Gentlemen is a good way to kick off the album too. King of the Stereo kind of sounds like a remake of Click Click Boom. That's one of my least favorites on the CD.
    this CD is a dissapointment to me. i lke them a lot, but this cd is too much balad for me. black sheep is about the only good song in my opinion.
    yomommas 4
    u no wat screw u jimmy50,black sheep is the most badass song on the whole album and i will kick ur over ballad loving @$$