Blood Stained Love Story Review

artist: Saliva date: 01/29/2007 category: compact discs
Saliva: Blood Stained Love Story
Release Date: Jan 23, 2007
Label: Island Records
Genres: Rock, Alternative
Number Of Tracks: 10
Saliva's latest album dishes out an equal number of wrestling theme songs and heartfelt ballads.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Blood Stained Love Story Reviewed by: UG Team, on january 25, 2007
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Sound: For TV shows and the movie world, Saliva continues to be the go-to band for driving, fast-paced theme songs. The band has hit a chord with audiences ever since it made the finals in the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Grammy Showcase competition, and it shouldn't disappoint with its latest album either. While Saliva has usually gained the most attention from its up-tempo hits that show up movies like The Fast And The Furious, the latest album gives as much attention to ballads, which should please a whole other audience altogether. The first single off the new CD is instantly infectious with vocalist Josey Scott providing a circus ringmaster-like call for the introduction and guitarist Wayne Swinny offering up distortion-heavy riffs. There's a reason why Ladies And Gentleman was chosen as the theme for WrestleMania 23. It packs a powerful punch right off the bat and even has some Beatles-esque harmonies when Josey and background vocalists sing, Welcome to the show... Sure, it's not quite as original as the Fab Four's Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, but it does have a unique feel of its own. It's completely effective as an opener regardless. The songs that immediately follow Ladies And Gentleman are more restrained in comparison. In fact, about half of the other tracks take a decided dip in energy. That definitely adds to the power behind the opening number, but you almost kind of wish for a few more up-tempo track before Saliva reins it in a bit. Ballads like Never Gonna Change aren't the slowest ballads by any means and have plenty of redeeming qualities, particularly in the band's use of harmony. The large number of ballads may annoy fans of Saliva's harder music, but it's not really anything that new for the band. One track that jumps out from the rest of the bunch is Black Sheep. The song incorporates pretty much everything that makes a powerful, gritty rock song. Scott uses more of a gruff vocal while Swinny lays out two incredible guitar solos. The second solo is simply killer and immediately makes you want to give the song a re-listen. If there is one song that really drives Blood Stained Love Story, Black Sheep is the one. // 8

Lyrics: King Of The Stereo is a fun track that features memorable lyrics that stand out due to the unusual wording. It's primarily rapped, which affords the band a little more fun in the song construction, and the results are pretty successful. Massive, drastic, classic, I'm interactive; You put me in your computer and Ima crash it; My claim to fame is my brain insane; And if the blame is framed then Ima smash it. Later in the song Saliva even throws in an allusion to it's hit Click Click Boom, which is a nice touch. Josey Scott, the main lyricist, strikes a nice balance in his words. There are times when the songs are quite vivid and descriptive, while at other times he writes more of a traditional rock lyric. Twister is more of the usual rock lyrics with lines like Life's a gamble and then you die; No explanation, no reason why. It's not the most original line, but at the same time it's not that bad. While Saliva doesn't go above and beyond what you might hear in rock today, it hasn't disappointed its fans this far along the line. // 8

Overall Impression: Blood Stained Love Story should be a satisfying album for most Saliva fans. The band doesn't necessarily stray from its usual format, but it doesn't have to. The rock anthem niche it has carved out has worked out well for them and the latest album has more than a few tracks that will likely provide a few more wrestling/sports programs with theme songs. For those in search of something more out of the ordinary -- that perhaps pushes rock's boundaries -- you'll likely find that Saliva unsatisfying. In terms of accessible, catchy rock singles, however, Saliva's new songs are likely to be rock radio favorites. // 8

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overall: 10
Blood Stained Love Story Reviewed by: jimmy50, on january 29, 2007
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Sound: Overall I didn't expect anything special out of this CD 'cause I was disappointed in how there last CD turned out. However, this is definately there best work yet, and that is quite an accomplishment considering how good "Back Into Your System" was. The sound of this album resembles Back into your system, except it takes the sound to an even better level. The majority of the songs on this CD sound like that of "Always" and "Weight of the World", which were the best songs on that CD. Also the guitars and percussion sound amazing as well. All in all this is a very solid rock album that should be a major milestone in the rock world. In my opinion the best songs on the album are: Ladies and Gentlemen (which is already a single), Here With You, Starting Over, and Never Gonna Change. Those are the best songs, but the rest of the album is good as well. The only part where the CD lacks is Black Sheep and King of the Stereo, but they're not too bad. All in all, this is definitely one of the best CDs I have. It has been the only thing in my CD player since I bought it, and it won't be taken out of my CD player for a long time. // 10

Lyrics: Overall the lyrics are amazing. The lyrics flow very smoothly with the guitars and drums. My favorite song is Here With You. It isn't a very heavy song like a few of the other songs on the CD, but it is a very, very good song and the guitar parts in it are awesome. This song, along with all the other songs are amazing, but w/o the voice of Josey Scott the album wouldn't be what it is. After listening to the album you can remember all of the songs because of the amazing hooks that Josey Scott places in his music. There is pretty much something about each song that will appeal to anyone who was a fan of "Back Into Your System." // 10

Overall Impression: In my opinion this is by far their best work. The best songs are Ladies and Gentlemen, Here With You, Starting Over, Going Under, Never Gonna Change, Broken Sunday, and Twister. I realize that I pretty much summed up the whole album, but that's how good the CD is, I can't really tell you the best song cause they're all actually really good. This is one of the best cds that I have and honestly the only cds that I could think of being close to as good as this one would be Breaking Benjamin's "Phobia" and Hinder's "Extreme Behavior". You can't really compare this album to those though because of how different their music styles are, but I can assure you if you like meaningful rock and hard rock such as their album before last, Back Into Your System, you will absolutely adore this album. If this CD was stolen from me or I lost it I would, without hesitation, buy it again, before I bought anything else. All in all the overall impression I get from this album is Wow! Saliva has still got it! // 10

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