Blood Ritual review by Samael

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
Samael: Blood Ritual

Sound — 9
Blood Ritual is the second Samael's album, released in 1992. Like on Worship Him (the band's first record), Samael is composed of Vorphalack (vocals, guitar), Xytraguptor (drums, keyboard) and Masmiseim (bass). The first thing we hear on Blood Ritual is that the sound is quite better than on Worship Him. Vorphalack's vocals are more listenable and the drums have something more powerful. The album begins with a little intro ("Epilogue") and also has two instrumental interludes ("Since The Creation..." and "Total Consecration"). The tempo is low ("After The Sepulture", "Bestial Devotion") and "Blood Ritual" is the only song containing some blast-beats. However, at that time Samael wasn't a black metal band which wanted to write only speedful songs. So the riffs are easy to play but agressive, and the rhythmic side seems to be more emphasized.

Lyrics — 9
Vocals on Blood Ritual are more human than on Worship Him, on which they were very frightening. Vorphalack is still a black metal vocalist, but we feel some work on himself not to do the same things all the time. Also the lyrics are quite different, because they are less influenced by satanism, although songs like "Total Consecration" (a true incantation) or "Bestial Devotion" are still satanic. The lyrics remain very dark but tell more about chaos and death ("Beyond The Nothingness").

Overall Impression — 9
I think Blood Ritual is one of the best Samael's albums of their early period and the more agressive. All songs are very amazing and have a dark atmosphere. My favorite ones are "Blood Ritual" and "After The Sepulture" because of their amazing rhythm. A great release for old-school black metal fans.

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