Road To Bloodshed review by Sanctity

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  • Released: Apr 9, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (36 votes)
Sanctity: Road To Bloodshed

Sound — 9
Sanctity brought back the kind of sound metal fans have been looking for since the late '80s. In fact, Road to Bloodshed is definitely a classic Trash album but it still sound like a record from 2007. As most of the great metal bands these days, the guitar work by Jared MacEachern and Zeff Childress is pretty fast and really heavy. J=The drummer, Jeremy London, is doing a fine job, but nothing to be compared with Trivium, All That Remains or Shadows Fall drummers just to name of few. The bass player (Derek Anderson) is a big deception in the album though. Most of the time he is mainly playing 8 note-streak after another or ruining the song with too much bass sound (like in Zeppo chorus, which was way better in the demo version that was released earlier this year). Every Trivium fan should definitely get this album and even Trivium haters should give it a try, because that sound will simply blow you away from the first to the last riff of the album.

Lyrics — 9
Nothing much to say about the lyrics though. Mainly usual metal lyrics without any real meaning but, it's metal and is there really someone who cares about the lyrics when they listen to a metal record? Every song on the album gets it's catchy part but songs like Beneath the Machine, Road to Bloodshed, Billy Seals, Zeppo and Seconds could definitely go up the charts in every rock radio. The fact that the lyrics are lacking something is however helped by the overall vocals of the band. Jared will definitely be considered as one of the greatest metal singers someday and the clean vocals supporting his voice are simply amazing and always at the right spot. Not to forget the Maiden voice style that is used in a couple of song (even if they should think twice about using it sometimes). In overall, every people who are liking it when vocals range from screaming to clean will definitely be amazed by the band amazing talent in this domain.

Overall Impression — 9
If I were to compare it to another album, I would say The Crusade from Trivium, but way heavier and way trashier. It is without a doubt one of the best debut album I have heard in years and it may help that Matt Heafy got them a contract with Roadrunner and got Jason Suecoff to produce the album. I don't think I ever saw a debut album with that much money invested in it. As I said before, you have to at least listen to Zeppo, Seconds and Beneath the Machine on their Myspace account before saying that this band is crap or anything. Definitely the kind of album I was looking for since Trivium's Ascendancy and I would buy it again if anything happened to it!

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    Hmm... anyone else notice that the intro riff in Seconds is a quite ridiculous replication of Unholy Confessions by A7X? Love the album. It's like an awesome mix of A7X and trivium
    CyanideChris wrote: Great album, great live, show, great band. I met them when they were opening for Trivium, Jared is a really cool guy ;D
    Glesga annaw? lol Aye they put on a pretty good show. The singer has awesome rhythm skills.
    Firewind Raging
    Hhmmm, the thing about A7X was probably an accident, since Sanctity use a totally different tuning and all. Lol, the intro to Zeppo is NOTHING like Master Of Puppets!! Might pick the album up soon, since I have HMV vouchers to spend
    Saw them open for Black Label. Best opener ive ever seen. People shouldn't compare them to trivium. They kick triviums ass 6 times over. Great Debut album, depending on the next album this band is going places.
    I watched them open for Trivium in October, they are the best opening band i've seen, but to say they are better then Trivium is a LONG shot. Vocals are a little better maybe? Although i love MHK's. But Trivium blows everyone in Sanctity out of the water as far as instruments.
    It's shameful to say Sanctity is influenced by A7X and Trivium. It's obvious they are influenced by Metallica, Megadeth, and Maiden (to name a few). Also, anyone who thinks the intro riff to "Seconds" is a rip off of A7X needs to realize that A7X just ripped off bands to come with that themselves. Sanctity schooled Trivium at their own game. Long live Sanctity.