Saosin review by Saosin

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  • Released: Sep 26, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (92 votes)
Saosin: Saosin

Sound — 9
01. It's Far Better To Learn - my personal favorite on the album. It has real heavy sound and Cove hits some really high notes in the harmonies of the choruses. It ends with low rythem and fast, harmonized tapping to a catchy riff. 02. Sleepers - this is a remake from a previous release but in all still a good song. An ubeat catchy song. 03. It's So Simple - easily the worst song on the record. they sound have remade a different song insead of having this on it. 04. Voices - the first single on the record. It has conplementary guitar parts through the whole song. Ends with Insanely high note, almost a scream. 05. Finding Home - this song is more layed back. good lyrics and mixes well with the sound. Cove is sounding less and less like Anthony throughout the record. 06. Follow And Feel - this song has a very addicting guitar part and decent lyrics. 07. Come Close - a good slower song and isn't the best but a decent one. 08. I Never Wanted To - a great slow song and the emotion is in this song. 09. Collapse - a heavy song that is placed after two slower songs. It has the kind of group yells that add more dramatic effect making this song kick-ass. 10. You're Not Alone - this is a great slow song and it even has a solo? That makes it better than most of the other songs. 11. Bury Your Head - decent remake, I personally like the original better. Still cove makes this song more like the new saosin as opposed to the old. 12. Some Sense Of Security - this song is ok with a cool bass line. It ends the record with a cool piano outro.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics fit really good with the guitars and such. the funny thing is that the guitars really don't have the melody but the voice has very little to work with. Cove suprised me with his very powerful and strong vocal performace. It has come very apparent that cove has found his own voice in the band insead of mimicing Green's voice. I find his voice better than anything Anthony could ever do.

Overall Impression — 9
Saosin much excedes expectation of the other emo bands out there. The riffs they formulate is amazing. The best songs on the album are It's Far Better To Learn, Voices, Finding Home, and You're Not Alone. I love how the songs are so complex and filled with emotion. I dislike the song it's so simple, they should change it to it's so stupid. They also need to have more songs on the next release. What most need to remember too is that this is just the first album. I can't wait for album 2. If it was stolen or lost I would definatly go and buy it again.

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    Ok, Bury Your Head came out on the Saosin EP. So, seeing as Green had left the band after Translating the Name, Cove did both the regular version on the Saosin CD and the Saosin EP, and the acoustic version the put on the EP.
    it wouldve been better with anthony... but hey, cove's still ok but not as up as anthony, still i love these guys and this album.
    i saw these guys live, and they are better than on the cd (which is still extremely radcore)! Does anyone know where i can get the translating the name EP?
    Indie Purist
    I listened to that one until me ears fell off. So good! This one isn't bad...but it's not what they used to be. Even if the lyrics never made sense.
    This is a great album, i listen to it over and over again and never get bored.. Cove has this amazing strong vocal which can't be imitated easily by any other band, i think that's what make this saosin, the "saosin".. Can't figure how cove could get a heck of a voice though..
    bertskarzi196 wrote: yeah its a pretty decent album, there are only 2 or 3 reeeally strong songs that people will remember; Come Close, It's So Simple and You're Not Alone. Also, i can't say i'm a real fan of the whole bands performance on bury your head, its like the drummer can't keep up with the original Slayer backup drummer (his name has slipped my mind) and the guitars seemed really dumbed down throughout the whole album, but damnit i still like the album :p
    first of all, i definitely agree with everyone else saying its so simple is the worst song. as for the guitars, this album absolutely cleaned up. not even just the last album, but almost all other bands in this category. off the top of my head, all i can think of with comparable guitar is escape the fate and the fall of troy. i also thought the drums were more abstract to fit the guitars.
    Saosin has always been a good band, with Anthony or Cove. Though Reber's lyrics aren't as unusual and creative as Green's, I still think that his songs gave deep meaning and could well be as good as Green's, if not better. If you listen to Green in Circa, I believe he has found a band where he is happy with, and can still invent creative, well-written songs. Reber's voice is great for Saosin, and Green's is more than perfect for Circa.
    It has come very apparent that cove has found his own voice in the band insead of mimicing Green's voice. I find his voice better than anything Anthony could ever do.//
    I find that quite true. Cove has found the voice of his that could very well match Anthony's. He has started to be more of himself, and he is letting it show.