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artist: Saosin date: 08/18/2007 category: compact discs
Saosin: Saosin
Release Date: Sep 26, 2006
Label: Capital
Genres: Rock, Emo, Post-Hardcore
Number Of Tracks: 12
The debut full-length from Saosin is full of strong harmonies and layered guitars that keeps the album interesting, regardless of who is singing lead.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Saosin Reviewed by: UG Team, on october 16, 2006
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Sound: Plenty of talk has arisen about whether vocalist Cove Reber could fill the shoes of former Saosin frontman Anthony Green, and the latest album is confirmation that Reber is capable of the task. While there are slight differences in the latest version of Saosin, the band as a whole has put out a solid full-length debut with the self-titled release. Full of catchy hooks and an abundance of harmonies, Saosin will likely challenge the harsh critics of Reber's arrival. Vocalist Cove Reber definitely has strong moments on the CD, despite many diehard fans who might claim that he doesn't quite live up to former singer Anthony Green. Reber shines brightest when there are harmonizing vocals, whether his own additional vocals or the backup vocals of other member of the band, accompanying his own. Saosin (vocalist Reber, guitarists Beau Burchell and Justin Shekoski, bassist Chris Sorenson, and drummer Alex Rodriguez) really does stand out for having some of the most memorable harmonies out in music today, particularly when they are featured in almost each section of a song. I Never Wanted To features both the stripped-down Reber vocal and the layered harmonizing parts, and it is the layering that propels I Never Wanted To from an average song to a solid offering. This is not to say that Reber's voice can't stand on it's own, but the layered vocal tracks give it a more powerful quality. Even without the harmonies, the band has another trait that a lot of bands don't have these days: capable, creative guitarists. There are more than simple chords in the album's arrangements, giving each song a bit more of an identity. Plenty of bands are going for simpler sounds and only utilizing guitar riffs if absolutely necessary, and in a lot of those cases the songs end up in dire need of a captivating riff. Guitarists Burchell and Shekoski smartly give their songs distinguishable characteristics, and this idea is most evident when you listen to the choruses on the latest record. In Come Close, there are separate, unique guitar lines that are interwoven in the verse, chorus, and bridge. It's a big payoff for the listener when you're not just expecting the usual chord progression. Some of the songs do have similar formats in the songwriting approach, and that is the primary problem with Saosin. While the harmonies are one of the best features of the band, they can also be predictable. The songs rely almost too much on the harmonies and the melodies do take a backseat at times. But in the end, there are still enough interesting elements to each song that listeners will likely find it easy to forgive most of the flaws. // 8

Lyrics: Fans of Saosin will likely find the biggest difference between vocalists Anthony Green and Cove Reber in their respective lyrics. Green did weave a bit more imagery into his lyrics, while Reber's approach is a bit more straightforward. The lyrics that Reber writes are not bad by any means, but there's not much that is too different from the lyrics of other contemporary bands. In Come Close, Reber explores the world of love and relationships. There is a consistently open, honest approach to the lyrics on the CD, but the words are fairly standard material for love songs these days. Reber sings, So come close, this is who we are; Come on you can be yourself; So come close, this is who we are; Come on you can be yourself again. There is nothing wrong with the lyrics, but they do feel a bit plain when compared with an example of Green's lyrics such as, Taking on seven years; That holy ghost had left alone; Test my arms, kick like crazy; And I've been trying way too long. Green's were just a bit more unusual and listeners will probably pick up on that difference. You're Not Alone is absolutely a heartfelt, honest track from Reber that has merit in it's own right. Reber sings, Slowly searching; For any sign of the ones he used to love; He says he's got nothing left to live for; (He says he's got nothing left); And this time I think you'll know. It is a topic that will likely connect with fans, and that alone should be commended. The lyrics are pretty straightforward once again, but pure emotion goes a long way in a song. // 8

Overall Impression: While the stage shows might be still show the obvious differences in Anthony Green and new vocalist Cove Reber, Saosin has not suffered greatly from the new direction it has taken. Overall, the self-titled record shows off the best of the band, and there is a high-quality production value that also gives each song a huge wall of sound. While many bands are taking a more basic approach to recording, it's actually refreshing to hear a band that releases a CD with multiple layers. The CD's songs are extremely listenable, although not all of them are immediately memorable. The band does prove that it has the musical talent to go the long-run, however, with unique drum fills and an assortment of guitar riffs adorning each track. It's these little extras that make Saosin stand out from many bands these days, regardless of who is singing lead. // 8

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overall: 10
Saosin Reviewed by: IlIk2plygUItAr, on october 16, 2006
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Sound: After three years and two EPs, Saosin has put out there first full length CD. This CD combines a few metal-ish riffs here and there with great vocal melodies, solid bass playing, and insane, technical drumming. The sound is great. The guitar parts and solid and technical. They are very catchy. The drumming is appropriatly busy, and the fills are great and so is every single beat. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are great. They are good lyrics, with out being over metaphorical. They are easy to understand and relate with. The singing is just awesome. It's so good. Every melody is great. Cove manages to write catchy, interesting vocals over busy fast guitar riffs. // 10

Overall Impression: This CD is just redicoulously good. Easily the best CD I own. Every song is solid, and it's easy to listen to the whole CD all the way through. For any one who has doubts that Saosin's new stuff isn't going to be as good because they are signed now and used a big producer, that's not true at all. it's still Saosin, and it still rocks. // 10

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overall: 9
Saosin Reviewed by: screamo36, on january 19, 2007
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Sound: 01. It's Far Better To Learn - my personal favorite on the album. It has real heavy sound and Cove hits some really high notes in the harmonies of the choruses. It ends with low rythem and fast, harmonized tapping to a catchy riff. 02. Sleepers - this is a remake from a previous release but in all still a good song. An ubeat catchy song. 03. It's So Simple - easily the worst song on the record. they sound have remade a different song insead of having this on it. 04. Voices - the first single on the record. It has conplementary guitar parts through the whole song. Ends with Insanely high note, almost a scream. 05. Finding Home - this song is more layed back. good lyrics and mixes well with the sound. Cove is sounding less and less like Anthony throughout the record. 06. Follow And Feel - this song has a very addicting guitar part and decent lyrics. 07. Come Close - a good slower song and isn't the best but a decent one. 08. I Never Wanted To - a great slow song and the emotion is in this song. 09. Collapse - a heavy song that is placed after two slower songs. It has the kind of group yells that add more dramatic effect making this song kick-ass. 10. You're Not Alone - this is a great slow song and it even has a solo? That makes it better than most of the other songs. 11. Bury Your Head - decent remake, I personally like the original better. Still cove makes this song more like the new saosin as opposed to the old. 12. Some Sense Of Security - this song is ok with a cool bass line. It ends the record with a cool piano outro. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics fit really good with the guitars and such. the funny thing is that the guitars really don't have the melody but the voice has very little to work with. Cove suprised me with his very powerful and strong vocal performace. It has come very apparent that cove has found his own voice in the band insead of mimicing Green's voice. I find his voice better than anything Anthony could ever do. // 9

Overall Impression: Saosin much excedes expectation of the other emo bands out there. The riffs they formulate is amazing. The best songs on the album are It's Far Better To Learn, Voices, Finding Home, and You're Not Alone. I love how the songs are so complex and filled with emotion. I dislike the song it's so simple, they should change it to it's so stupid. They also need to have more songs on the next release. What most need to remember too is that this is just the first album. I can't wait for album 2. If it was stolen or lost I would definatly go and buy it again. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Saosin Reviewed by: saosin22533, on august 13, 2007
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Sound: Saosin's self-titled album with new lead singer, Cove Reber, is definately unique. I don't mean that in a bad way either. Although some of the tracks vocally sound pretty similar it is a good overall album. Espicially after losing a lead singer. In tracks like Voices, You're Not Alone, Bury Your Head, and Collapse you see some light shining in for a great band. Not to say the other tracks are bad, they just don't stand out. In fact there are no bad tracks in this album that I could see. There is extreme potential for this new Saosin line-up and should have many great records here in the years to come. // 8

Lyrics: Saosin's lyrics are different from other bands. There isn't a lot of rhyming in the songs but they make it seem like there is, the phrases just blend in nicely. The lyrics fit the music very well for me and were enjoyable. They aren't trying to be something that they aren't, like so many bands try to do with their lyrics. Cove Reber has a lot of potential, but doesn't use quite all of it in this album for all of the tracks. He has a good range and can go pretty high for a rock band. Overall it was good, but there is potential for it to be great. // 8

Overall Impression: You can't really compare Saosin to other bands because there is nothing really like them. They have their own sound, and that is good for a band I believe. The most impressive songs on this album were Voices, You're Not Alone, Bury Your Head, Collape, It's Far Better To Learn. I love not only the voice but the rest of the band. To lose a lead singer in the earlier stages and then to come back, that must me tough for them to do. But you see the 'want' there, they want to be making music. And I applaud them for that. Overall this is a great album in which I ended up listening to about three times through the day I got it. I can't wait for more from Saosin. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Saosin Reviewed by: Louisio, on august 18, 2007
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Sound: The now out of print [correct me if I'n wrong] Saosin EP is a 5-track EP consisting of an acoutisc track, a live track, and an original demo of a song on the full-length debut, among an original track not realeased on the full length, and one of three versions of the track "Bury Your Head". After Anthony Green left Saosin and his replacement, Cove Reber, took his place, many wondered what would become of their beloved Soasin. And this EP is the first example of Cove's work with Saosin. And it is wonderful. Clocking in at about 17 minutes, the 5-track EP is short but definatley worth it. The lead-off track, "Bury Your Head", appears on the full length debut, and has become almost a signature track of Saosin's. It shows off a large portion of Saosin's style, pounding, melodic drums with crunching chords with twinkling melodies floating around the other instruments, and atop sits the high vocals. A very solid opening track, definatley worth listening. The next track is easily my favorite. "I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song" is the original demo of "Sleepers. Every time I hear a different version of Sleepers, whether it be a mysterious demo I acquired somewhere, then the full-length, and then this version, they all seem to get better. "I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song" is the most aggresive version, showcasing the boys' more metal infulences. More double bass, breakdowns and such. One of Saosin's more mosh-y songs. "New Angel" is one of their busiest songs, yet one of their more softer, heartfelt songs. A definte sing-along song. Not much to sya about this one. A very solid song. The next track, "Lost Symphonies [Live]" gives an example of how tight and energetic Saosin's live show is. They are one of the tightest band I've ever heard in my life. You can hear every instrument, and it sounds like a studio recorded track. The acoustic version of "Bury Your Head" is a rather slow, yet you can feel energy from this song. It takes a whole new take on "Bury Your Head", allowing you to hear the melodies that have made Saosin famous. They acoustic guitar goes very well with Cove's voice. // 10

Lyrics: Cove Reber is no Anthony Green, but in his own right, he is a fantastic singer. He sings in the same style as Anthony, and fits the instruments perfectly. A good portion of Saosin's energy comes through Cove's brilliant phrashing. You can tell everything he sings is sung from the heart. Cove helped Saosin stay true to it's form after the departure of Anthony. // 10

Overall Impression: If you consider yourself a Saosin fan, you after to get this EP in te most legal way possible. It is pure excellence. There isn't any filler on these 5 tracks, and every one song is worth listening all the way through. Although the songs sound a bit alike, they are still differnet in their own way. // 9

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