Hate review by Sarcófago

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (6 votes)
Sarcófago: Hate

Sound — 9
"Hate" is the fourth album by extreme metal band Sarcfago, released in 1994. In this album, we see the band abandoning their technical development seen in the previous two albums, "Rotting" and "The Laws Of Scourge" and going back to the speed-of-light aggression seen on "I.N.R.I.". But this album got even more intense because of its really fast drumming, provided by a drum machine. To be honest, I find programmed drums really annoying overall, but in this album, it does not bother me at all. Sometimes I think they use some unnecessary blast beats, but overall it's still kick-a-s. This drum programming thing brought a lot of hate to the band coming from many metalheads, actually. But still, this is a really nice album. The riffs are insane and chaotic, like in "Song For My Death" or "Hate". But despite the speed-of-light songs, this album also contains a few slow paced songs, like "Orgy Of Flies" and "The God's Faeces". Wagner Lamounier really don't care for solos here, and most of the time I really don't miss them. But when they come, they're just chaos. Incubus' bass lines are strong enough and solid to hold such craziness. Nothing really brilliant, but he does his job well. This is an amazing album.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics on this album are really strong. The title of this album expresses very well the lyrics here, overall. They really deal with hate. You can clearly see that Wagner Lamounier holds some kind of scorn, or truly hate for many things going on in the society when you read the lyrics to "The Phantom" or "Orgy Of Flies", for an example. There are also other themes on the album, like in "Satanic Terrorism", talking about the Norwegian Inner Circle acts of church arsons, or in "Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull's Curse)", talking about the homonymous disease. Wagner's vocals here are just maniacal. I honestly think this guy has one of the most amazing death metal growls of all time. He really screams like a freak, and in my opinion that adds even more insanity and brutality to the band's sound. Truly amazing.

Overall Impression — 9
So, this is it. This is a great piece of death metal, which I consider pretty underrated sometimes, even by the band's fans. It's not Sarcfago's finest hour or something, but it's pretty good nevertheless. I would point "Song For My Death", "Satanic Terrorism" and "Hate" as the best songs here, but the whole album is really great, except for the crazy outro, "The Beggar's Uprising", of course. I am really proud of having this on CD, and in my opinion, any death metal fan must have this too. This is really great.

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