Rotting review by Sarcófago

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
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Sarcófago: Rotting

Sound — 10
"Rotting" is Sarcfago's second album, released in 1989. Considered by many as a "mini-LP" or an EP, this album shows the band maintaining it's crushing, heavy sound but kinda evoluting musically compared to "I.N.R.I.". Also shows the band in the pinnacle of it's creative force, with songs featuring many insane riffs and tempo changes, joining with solid bass lines and stunning drumming and blast beats (I really love D.D. Crazy's drumming on the first record, but this guy here, 'M. Joker', can do it even faster. Listen to "Sex, Drinks And Metal" and "Alcoholic Coma"!). Speaking of which, the band's line-up had just changed, and guitarist Butcher and drummer D.D. Crazy had parted ways with the band. While Wagner only performed vocal duties on "I.N.R.I.", he developed his guitar skills and singed and also played the guitar on "Rotting". Then he called the drummer M. Joker to replace D.D. and remained with bassist Gerald Minelli, reducing Sarcfago to a trio. By the time of this album, the band also abandoned their heavy visual with corpse paint and bullet belts. The album also has an amazing artwork. According to Wagner Lamounier, they were trying to pass the image that Jesus Christ was just being kissed by death and rotting like a common man, that he was no saviour or something like that. There's a manifest in the LP's booklet that kinda "explains" what he mas trying to say with the album cover and also protest against many things going on in Brazil that they thought it was wrong. There's also a great, slower re-recording of "Nightmare", previously released on "I.N.R.I.". There's only 5 songs in this album (apart from the crazy intro), but they are just mindblowing. Another classic from the Brazilian metal scene of the 80's, made by one of the most influential bands in extreme metal.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on this album are well written, but still not that impressive. They talk about alcohol and sex ("Alcoholic Coma", "Sex, Drinks And Metal"), anti-christianism ("Rotting") and even a weird horror story of necrophilia on "Tracy". There's not really so much to say about them, but you can find some interesting lines in the title-track (this track expresses the album cover very well and Sarcfago's anti-christianism/anti-religious stance). Probably, people with an obsession with horror films will find the lyrics for "Tracy" quite interesting too, and also people that really enjoys getting wasted and waking up in the morning after with the mother of all hangovers will identify themselves with "Alcoholic Coma" (seriously, it's like Tankard playing death metal). Wagner Lamounier's vocals here are just insane. I wonder how his throat did not blasted off of his neck, fell on the ground and kicked a Sepultura member in the balls (just kidding, I'm a fan of Sepultura too, at least of their older stuff, don't make a big deal out of it). Amazing death metal growls and screams can define it, I guess. A great example of what I'm talking about is "Tracy".

Overall Impression — 10
In short: this album is just a delight to any extreme metal fan. Like I've mentioned before, it's aggressive, fast and creative. I think enough about it has been said. Probably many people into metal already know this, but if you never listened to this, do it now. You probably will be amazed. I would point "Tracy" and "Rotting" as the most amazing songs on here, but the whole album is brilliant. It doesn't lets down for a minute. You can really understand why Sarcfago is regarded as one of the most influential metal bands of all time if you imagine such an album being released in 1989. And also as bassist Gerald Minelli would state later in an interview: "Maybe what we played wasn't meant to be played in 1985, but five or ten years later, it would be something, for sure". And he was completely right. If someone steal this from me, or if I lose it, I will not even hesitate to buy it again.

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