The Laws Of Scourge review by Sarcófago

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (4 votes)
Sarcófago: The Laws Of Scourge

Sound — 9
Sarcfago's third album, "The Laws Of Scourge", was released in 1991 and saw the band developing their technical skills, more than in the previous albums. Actually, this is probably the most technical album ever released by Sarcfago. The riffs on this album are just insane, the solos really got some great technical skills on them ("Piercings", for an example), drumming is really brutal (although the blast beats does not appear so much in this album, like in "Rotting" or "I.N.R.I." for an example, but are still played very well in some songs), Incubus' bass lines are solid and fast and the band even use keyboards on some songs. Wagner Lamounier calls this a technical death metal record. This is the last Sarcfago album featuring a drummer. From "Hate" until the end of the band, they would use drum programming (no drummer could play as fast as the band wished). This album also contains a re-recording of "The Black Vomit", previously released on "I.N.R.I.".

Lyrics — 9
While previous Sarcfago's releases focused basically on satanism, sex and alcohol, "The Laws Of Scourge" laid off the satanic lyrics for a while and approached a lot of themes. "Midnight Queen", for an example, talks about a prostitute and it's life on the streets, while "Piercings" talks about the story of a Brazilian psychopath, and other songs talking about death and violence. As Lamounier states: "In the beginning, influenced by Venom and Hellhammer, we had sixteen years and thought it was cool. Later, we've matured the ideas, trying to get a more realistic approach and not an adolescent fantasy... But we still maintain our stance anti-religion." For Wagner's vocals here, they're just amazing screams and death metal growls, just like in the previous albums, but it sounds even more improved. A great job, considering he sings that well and plays just insane, mind blowing riffs at the same time.

Overall Impression — 9
Well, I think enough has been said. This album is a death metal classic, and one of Sarcfago's best albums. Shows a band that took a great evolution in it's technical skills without losing it's power and insanity. I find all songs on this album amazing, but I would point "Midnight Queen", "Crush, Kill, Destroy" and the title-track as the most awesome ones, not to mention songs like "Screeches From The Silence" and "Piercings". Just amazing. If someone stole this from me, I would hang the little robber by the balls in a rope.

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    I think it is their second best album. While it's no INRI it is pretty good just the same.