Sound The Alarm review by Saves the Day

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  • Released: Apr 11, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (16 votes)
Saves the Day: Sound The Alarm

Sound — 9
Saves The Day has been one of my favorite bands since all the way back in the Through Being Cool days. I have stuck with them even through the doubting times of In Reverie. Let's just say throw all those doubts out of the window. Saves The Day went back to their older sound of fast paced, blistering punk-hardcore. Some might say it's a degression but I say if it isn't broke don't fix it. For the past year the band has been holed up writing new songs for what would become Sound The Alarm. They have crafted a darker sound due to singer/ songwriter Chris Conley's supposed dementia and depression. Saves The Day are back to doing what they do best. They even added a few things like some cool solos. Musically this album is second best only to Stay What You Are.

Lyrics — 10
Chris Conley's lyrics have long been my favorite. Growing up it was hard for me not to relate to them. Even now as Chris has grown up I have to. Still though I relate to his lyrics. As I grow up I'm not exactly still in tune with broken hearts and songs about girls, but more with loneliness and depression that Chris laments about. On this album Conley's lyrics are visceral and bloody. They always have been. But fortunately that's okay with me. Chris has had those kinds of lyrics for years but it never sounds forced or immature (see Senses Fail, Hawthorne Heights or numerous other imitators). The songs now revolve around the Chris's possible insanity (Say You'll Never Leave, Delusional) paranoia (Sound The Alarm) and depression (Shattered). My only complaint is that the lyrics begin to sound the same after thirteen songs and the song Dying Day is a little too upbeat for the lyrics that accompany it. Chris's voice has also improved. One thing people need to realize is that his voice changes with every album. I think that that is a good thing and it accompanies the mood of every CD.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall this is easily one of my favorite CDs of 2006. I was really disappointed that it took them so long to put it out but the wait was well worth it when I got my hands on the finished product. The production is absolutely awesome which I contribute to producer Steve Evetts and I think that Saves The Day's biggest mistake was using Rob Schnapf for In Reverie. If they would have stuck with Evetts, In Reverie might not have sounded as lackluster as it does. My favorite songs on the album are pounding opener "Head For The Hills", single worthy "Eulogy", the all around solid "Sound The Alarm" and the soaring and climaxing closer "Hell Is Here". I'm overall very happy with this album and if it was stolen I wouldn't think twice about buying it again. This is definitly my third favorite Saves The Day album but that it not a bad thing. A bad Saves The Day album is still better than the best effort by more than half the bands on "the scene" today. And that is a world that I can live in.

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    One thing I know, is that SAves the Day is back. This album kicks ass. I really had my doubts about this album before I heard it because In Reverie, lets be honest, sucked. Their other albums though are amazing, and so is Sound the Alarm. To me, there is a close conteset between the best album. Their very first two albums had some good songs in them, but i felt that they needed to make their instruments and their lyrics mix. The need to dovetail. But they nailed that in Through Being Cool, and especially in Stay What You Are. Stay what you are is really a deep album, with great lyrics, but Through being cool has some really good songs to rock out with. Then Sound the Alarm came out and it has both. But I still think that Through being cool is my favorite. One of the best things about Saves The Day is that they keep going. They dont just stop after one kick-ass album. Even after their dissapointing album they stuck with it to surface into awesomeness again. Most bands you see today put out one album with about one or two good songs. They are the ones played on the radio all the time, which is why I never listen to it. Unless it is a station devoted to rock, and not just the "Popular" music. Saves the Day does not have one album with one or two good songs. They only have one or two songs that I don't like. That defines a great band.
    This album is awesome! I didn't like it so much at first ,but then all of a sudden I really enjoyed it. It's one of my favorite from Saves The Day. Go pick it up or visit there myspace page if you haven't heard any of the new songs.
    I saw STD on Warped and fell in love with the new songs. This album is excellent, if a bit insane.
    i don't get why people have so much shit against in reverie. its my favorite album from them not only from the beetles vibe but also because of Chris being happy at his life at the time of the album.