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artist: Saving Grace date: 03/08/2011 category: compact discs
Saving Grace: Unbreakable
Released: Jan 5, 2010
Genre: Hardcore / Metalcore
Label: Strike First / Facedown Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
Production-wise Unbreakable has great levels all round and next to no flaws as far as mixing and that stuff goes.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7
Unbreakable Reviewed by: ThatWouldBeJon, on march 08, 2011
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Sound: Strike First Records Saving Grace hails from Gisborne City, New Zealand and have said to be influenced by mid-90's hardcore bands such as Arkangel, Reprisal and Earth Crisis as well as legendary metal classics like Slayer, Sepultura, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. The four members create a blend of brutal metallic hardcore with a strong presence of faith which can only be summed up as Saving Grace. Unbreakable is a large step forward from their previous work (Behind Enemy Lines) but still stays in the same hardcore/metal neighborhood there roots. Saving Grace isn't out to accomplish anything ground breaking through their music and as I'd like to put it, it's your standard run-of-the-mill metal/hardcore formulated band that so many people (including myself) know and love. // 7

Lyrics: Being a faith based hardcore band, Saving Graces lyrics aren't be too far fetched from what one might assume but they still are able to tie in some notable lines within the expected bible quotes and preachings. Though in context their lyrics may seem very stale, in concept their meanings have great depth such as on The Listener where one line goes, "I would like to know, do you carry the weight of truth and conviction or am I speaking to a room pulsating with the motions of fermenting flesh?" at first glance it looks like a meaningless metaphor but the singer (Nicholas Tautuhi) explains in an interview "This song is my way of questioning those who say that they would stop at nothing to uphold their beliefs." So in a way its his clever way of weeding out people who blindly believe and those who actually hold true to their faith at all costs. // 7

Overall Impression: Production-wise Unbreakable has great levels all round and next to no flaws as far as mixing and that stuff goes. Standout tracks would be, Oaxaca, The Listener, Pukelips, Unbreakable, and All But The Archer. My only problem with this album is that the bass guitar throughout the album is essentially non-existent and has no standout parts. A few things I did love about the album was the album artwork, the very chunky metallic rhythms from song to song, and use of a few different guest vocalists and layered vocal harmonies/gang vocals. 01. End of Days (Intro) 02. Unbreakable 03. Bury Me in Jimnez 04. The Disgusting Maw 05. Pukelips (feat. guest vocals by Adam McFarlane) 06. Where It Rains 07. The Eye of the Storm Part II (Interlude) 08. Oaxaca (feat. guest vocals by Mattie Montgomery of For Today) 09. All, But the Archer 10. The Listener 11. Bound by Blood (feat. guest vocals by Levi Robinson of Bloodsport) 12. The Determined Drunk // 7

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