...Is A Real Boy review by Say Anything

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  • Released: Aug 3, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (70 votes)
Say Anything: ...Is A Real Boy

Sound — 10
Best described as emo-punk rock. The lyrics are amazing and the music really fits them. This is Say Anythings first full album release. ...Is A Real Boy is definintely one of the best records to come out this year.

Lyrics — 10
This album lyrically ashtonishing. The inspiration for the songs seems to come from anywhere, in the track "Alive With The Glory Of Love" Mr. Bemis imagines himself in love during WWII and being taken to a concentration camp. His lyrics are sometimes suicidal (I'm eating rat poison for dinner, The Futile) but they are still impressive. The Lyrical highlight of the CD is the final track (Admit It!!!) In which he rambles on about hypocritical people and his disgust for them.

Overall Impression — 10
This album may not get all the press coverage that other albums might, but ...Is A Real Boy is in my opinion one of the finest records I have ever boughten. The albums takes you through many moods, From Alive With The Glory Of Love which is a catchy punk-pop tune to Yellow Cat/Red Cat which is suprisingly mellow. If it were stolen or lost I would absolutely but this record again.

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    La Niña
    i hate emo stuff but say anything is awesome. really, they know what people are thinking and feeling. they're not clich, "i love them" (yea it's pretty clich)
    Boughten isn't a word, buddy. But I do agree with you; Say Anything rocks. "Alive With the Glory of Love" is a real love song. None of the fake bullshit you usually hear on the radio. He just says it outright, so you know what's going on at the beginning of the song. Not to mention that all of the songs on this cd are singable even without the rest of the music. This is probably one of the best albums that... "emo punk rock" has ever produced. Personally, I'd just drop the emo part, cause they've yet to get on my nerves. :\
    OMGSH i want this cd sooo much. i went to target but they didnt have it when it was on sale so i got a new found glory. im so geting it ive heard how its so good and i love "Alive With The Glory Of Love" and "Whoa I Can Get Sexual Too" is a little strange but lol i still like it. i think i am going to there concert with Forgive Durden,mewithoutYou, and Piebald.i love fogive durden and say anything. i hope i go.
    Yeah I would call them an alternative rock band as oppose to emo punk rock. But ..Is A Real Boy was easily the best record I have heard all year. This band is remarkable and Max delivers it full force. Even though the cliche line around here is "if someone stole it I would go out and buy it again", well truthfully I would do that, because I can not live without this record. If they banned it, I would move to Canada to hear it everyday.
    say anything is absolutely unbelievable. i am so addicted to this cd is crazy, i am ALWAYS singing these songs even though i cant sing at all. say anything is definately a band that grows on you, after all i only really liked 3 songs when i got it, but after listening to it through a few times i cannot let it go, all the tracks are unforgettable. best album of the year
    Incredible music by an incredible band. This is some of the best stuff that has come out in a couple of years.
    Incredible music by an incredible band. This is some of the best stuff that has come out in a couple of years. A breath of fresh air.