Carving Desert Canyons review by Scale the Summit

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  • Released: Feb 17, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (15 votes)
Scale the Summit: Carving Desert Canyons

Sound — 9
Progressive Rock brought to a new height, very epic-ish sound and very technical playing from all around the band. Many different techniques are brought to this album, and the sound brought by 7 string guitar player Travis Levrier, 8 string guitar player Chris Letchford ( whom has a bitchin' guitar... ), bass player Jordan Eberhardt and drummer Pat Skeffington reminds me a tiny bit of BTBAM's clean sections ( the sound at the end of Selkies is a good example ). This band's theme is mainly just natured based, which also comes out in their songs, you can really hear the connection between the sound of the song to the name of the song. One word I could use to describe this type of music would just be "beautiful". I reckon if they tour with Explosions In The Sky, and perhaps even the like of Godspeed and Sigur Ros, the show would be immense. This record is a step-up from "Monument", way more organized and brought forward professionaly.

Lyrics — 8
This band is instrumental ( and damn well should stay that way ) and therefore cannot be thoroughly investigated, but it can be said that the names of the songs sound quite interesting and are at correlation with the band's theme, which is nature. Examples are " Sargasso Sea ", "Glacial Planet" and "City In The Sky". The title of the album isn't particularly that interesting, but I guess it goes well with their theme and album cover. I can also add that the lead guitar work from the 8 stringed beauty could be implemented as a voice in the band, as it really brings out the atmospheric music into epic music.

Overall Impression — 8
I will rate this album a 8 simply because I know they can do a tad better than this record. Don't get me wrong, this album is indeed fantastic and anybody who enjoy progressive music and technical guitar work should listen to it, but it seems to me that all of the songs on the album are all about the same tempo, which is pretty slow and from time to time a bit faster ( City In The Sky especially ). I want to see this band come forward with their total potential, some more fast paced music as well as their usual slow tempo. All of the songs on this album are all great, there isn't a weak link there. "The Great Plains", "City In The Sky" and "Glacial Planet" are probably my favorite 3 songs from this band. If this record were to be stolen from me, I would buy it again. This band is also very very young, and therefore I look very much forward to a new record from them in a few year's time.

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    Beyond_Insanity: When people upload Guitar Pro files note for note out copied out of their tab book under that persons name, thats copy right infringement. Its not something to get pissed about it. The band should be pissed, it takes a long time to tab all that stuff out to have the credit go to someone else, along with all the money that is stolen from them. If you want to learn the songs, get the real deal, the tab book. Its worth the $20 bucks.
    Yeah, I always imagined that if they had vocals it'd be like the guy from Dream Theater who I find rather annoying. Not that he can't sing, but there's something about the tone of his voice that puts me off. And hardcore vocals just wouldn't make sense with a band like this. At times, this band actually reminded me a lot of Coheed and Cambria. Claudio's voice over this kind of stuff I wouldn't mind... Maybe on a guest appearance like one time. Like a "Buckethead and Friends" type deal. That would be pretty awesome.
    apparently, they're *****s though because they've had all of there tabs taken down... they complained that it was copyright infringement. That pisses me of a little bit.
    This is amazing. An instrumental prog band getting this much attention! Suck it, maintream!!
    Amazing, amazing album. I, too, hope that they stay instrumental, because I have a feeling if they did, they would add hardcore vocals, of which I'm not a fan.
    The only part of your review I don't understand is this :
    I reckon if they tour with Explosions In The Sky, and perhaps even the like of Godspeed and Sigur Ros, the show would be immense.
    Aren't these bands of the more ambient, post-rock type? Why should a prog instrumental band (not at all ambient from the samples I've heard) tour with them?
    InTheFlesh! : I just think a show with them would really go together and be great, that's just my opinion though.
    Man, this band is soooo epic. I too wish to some times get some crazy tempo changes and to see more of a variety, but man.. that's the ONLY complaint. I'm a bassist and this guy, Jordan, is amazing. He uses the six-string monstrosity so so well. The only thing I didn't like about your interview is that you mentioned the usage of eight and seven guitars but no mention of the uncommon six string bass! Hahaha. But I'm a bassist, so that's why. All in all, this band is phenomenal and I love how clear the bass lines are and how beautiful there tones are. The mix is really really well done, crazy proggy. Soooo sexy.
    Saw this band live with Dream Theater, Zappa plays Zappa and Big Elf. I love them. The Great Plains and Glacial Planet are my favorite songs...
    chris (8 string guitar) said on youtube. if they used vocals they'd use clean vocals because screams would ruin it. but he then said they'll never have vocals