After Dark review by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

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  • Released: Feb 8, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (12 votes)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids: After Dark

Sound — 9
I heard this CD after I had "The City Sleeps in Flames" for awile, so I knew what I was looking forward to. As expected with an EP, they sound more raw. For those who care about genre, Scary Kids Scaring kids is a weird mixture of hardcore and indie music. Some of their songs have fast paced guitar riffs and screaming, while others have more mellow guitars and no screaming at all. For this band, it's not you either you hate or love them, but more along the lines of you like a song or you don't like a song. They really spread their sound out to appeal to a lot of people. As for the CD itself, it has a mixture of songs you'll bop your head to or songs you'll relax to.

Lyrics — 7
01. What's Up Now - the opening track, and probably the best track on the album. Opens up with keyboards and a good scream. Guitar riffs are solid, and it really shows the vocalists ability.Lyrics themselves are good and catchy, and the way he sings them makes the song. 02. Bulletproof - the lyrics on this track are really well, and you will love the guitar riff. Lots of screaming in this one, and it's hard to decided if this is better than the first track. 03. Locked In - now this song shows how they mix genres. Np screaming in this until the end, and it's very subtle anyways. Even though the majority of the vocals are soft, the guitar riff is heavy for the most part, making this a unique song. Best lyrics on the album 04. Sink And Die - although this track isn't necessarily bad, it sounds very repetitive to the tracks before it, and it kinda ruins it. Lyrics aren't as well done either. 05. Changing Priorities - now the CD goes down hill. The lyrics in this song are terrible, and the way he sings it is really disappointing. The guitars are boring, and I wont even start on the drums. 06. My Knife, Your Throat - the only reason I say this song is better than Changing Priorities is because the guitar riff is way better (if you haven't noticed, I base a lot of what I say on guitars). Again, tje lyrics are bad and I just can't listen to this song. Over all, the CD is worth getting, specially if your a Scary Kids Scaring Kids scaring kids fan like myself.

Overall Impression — 8
For an EP, this is a pretty damn good CD. Most people don't get EPs becuase of the quality, but for the most part this CD has amazing quality and is worth listening to a few times. Nothing really impresses me on the album, but it's still a must if you enjoy SKSK's LP. The only bad thing about the album is the last 2 tracks, which I really don't care for in any means, and if this CD got stolen I would be screwed because I have never seen this in stores before.

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    I thought this ep was sick. There are no tracks that I dislike, but there are tracks I like better than others. In my opinion this is their best cd besides their self-titled album.