Scary Kids Scaring Kids Review

artist: Scary Kids Scaring Kids date: 03/17/2008 category: compact discs
Scary Kids Scaring Kids: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Release Date: Aug 28, 2007
Label: Immortal
Genres: Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore
Number Of Tracks: 16
Scary Kids Scaring Kids may not be an easy album to describe via words or catchphrases, but when you think about, what truly great work of art is?
 Sound: 9.7
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9.3
Scary Kids Scaring Kids Reviewed by: crazyskater_533, on september 03, 2007
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Sound: Scary Kids has brought another great album to the table. Their new album has a lot of the same sound as "The City Sleeps In Flames (2005)." They have their faster tracks, with machine gun drums, lightning guitar solos/riffs, catchy post-'80s keyboard riffs, and who could forget Tyson's vocals and screams? "Faces" was put on their myspace profile around July 4th, 2007, so the fans could get a taste of what they've got for the year. "Snake Devil" was put up the day the album came out (Aug 28). "Faces" has a lot of the palm-muted, overdrive guitar sound to it, while "Snake Devil" has almost a sort of Motley Crue distorted sound to the intro. Great sound to the album, I highly recommend putting down $18 on the Hot Topic check out counter to get a great album. The 2 years it took for the album, was definately worth the wait. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics almost have a sarcastic sense to them. The chorus' (as well as the verses) are just jammed full of catchy lyrics. "Let's tear away these faces, we hide behind. Cutting through the airwaves, open up our minds. Show ourselves to the world tonight, cause we are No longer in disguise!" Is the chorus to "Faces". It has I little of Pouyan's keyboard in the background, mixed with Tyson's ingenious lyrics, it's overall terrific. But it's not just Faces that has great lyrics. The whole album is, like I said before, jammed full of catchy numbers. // 10

Overall Impression: This album greatly compares to their 2005 record "The City Sleeps In Flames". I think a little too much. Again, the slower, depressing songs, and the faster paced songs have made another appearence on this record. But it's great, because I think we've all gotten a little tired of listening to "The World As We Know It" and "What's Said Is Done". It's yet another album from SKSK that gets lyrics stuck in your head. "Faces" is byfar the best song on the album. Catchy lyrics, a background post-'80s keyboard on the chorus; it's great. If I got this album stolen or lost, I'd definately go buy it again. No matter what the cost. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Scary Kids Scaring Kids Reviewed by: B2daR2daA2daD, on january 07, 2008
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Sound: The sound of Scary Kids is about the same, it follows off where their previous album, "The City Sleeps In Flames" left off. Very fast paced, very catchy. At my first listen I thought it was mediocre and not really impressive, but as I now write this, my opinion has changed dramatically. At first I thought their first single, "Faces" was their strongest track. But with it's cliche lyrics, and generic sound, it gets lost with every other band in this genre of music. But what differs from "TCSIF" is that they attepmted to appeal to the listener with some slow songs and interlues, which I believe are a waste and just filler for the CD, which has 16 tracks. SKSK doesn't have the style, nor impression to make an acoustic song and make it sound amazing. // 10

Lyrics: Probably the weakest part of the album is the lyrics. They are all very generic emotional lyrics about commiting suicide, to losing your girlfriend, bleeding, etc. but some are a little more advanced in comprehension but are just as easilly deciphered over one listen. Which is fine in the end, since I kinda think that people tend to think that great lyrics are essential to a successfull album, but SKSK just makes a great sound, making up for it. // 7

Overall Impression: For me I just skip the slow slongs if I were you, you wont miss much. But despite all of the slow songs, SKSK really hits well with their fast paced attack with everything else. 01. Prelude - just the intro to the CD, it really flows with the next track. 02. Degenerates - great opening track, especially the first verse. The ending really changes up and finishes the song up well. 03. Holding On - pretty good keyboard in the verses, and catchy guitar, work, and excellent chorus. 04. The Deep End - my personal favorite, the chorus is kinda cheesy but amazingly catchy, but the second pre-chorus is what does it for me. 05. Faces - the first single, it's an OK song, but very generic song, and as everyone says, lame lyrics, but it's very catchy so. 06. A Pistol To My Temple - it's alright, I actually heard the intro played on Sunday Night Football, when they went to a commercial, the verses are good, but the chorus, and the breakdown part are kinda lame. 07. Stars Crossed - it's very generic, might even get confused with other songs on the CD, but the lyrics I think stand out compared to the others, which isn't saying much. 08. Derailed - the best part of this song is that's it's less than 2 minutes. I tried hard to like it but I just can't flow with it. 09. Breathe - a little intrumental, what they meant by it, maybe just to slow things down and maybe take in the first half of the CD, since it is the track marking halfway point. 10. Set Sail - this song has very good verses, and it flows well, in my opinion it shows off the vocals very well. One of the softer fast songs on the CD. 11. Free Again - just another fast paced song, showing their harder side, it goes pretty good. Stands out a little bit, with all the screaming and all. 12. Snake Devil - at first I was immediately turned off, despite my love for the southern style of the opening riff, but when it gets to the verses, I got suckered into the song (I kinda get suckered into any alt. emo southern style). But great guitar works as well, the solo is generic but neccessary to the song. Chorus is very SKSK style. 13. Watch Me Bleed - if it was shorter it would be a slow song I would listen to as well it doesnt't fit with their fast paced attack on the CD, it slowed too much down. Kinda awkward to listen to, especially right after listening to "Snake Devil". 14. Goes Without Saying - I dislike this song every aspect, the chorus is bad, and the guitar doesnt't suit me as well, but the ending shines some light, but they are basically repeating the songs name over and over and over. 15. Blood Runs Forever - after having a slow song, then the sudden explosion of this song, kinda shocks you. But one of the stronger songs IMO, if you make it this far into the CD, it's a secret treasure. Will most likely not be noticed by those who listen to the first 6 tracks over and over. 16. The Power Of Resolution - just ambient vocals and some simple guitar nothing special, just an outro really. I really only graded on the worthwhile songs. the others had no meaning, what they were thinking, so I'll give it a 9 for all of the excellent songs, their style is fast paced hard hitting guitar, not slow melodic, nice attempt, but no doubt a great album. If it was stolen I'd still buy it again. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Scary Kids Scaring Kids Reviewed by: yourxtragedy, on march 17, 2008
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Sound: Scary Kids Scary Kids really outdid themselves on their latest self-titled album. This isn't negative at all negative; in fact, they have shown immense growth from their past two cds. Pushing away from the screech-screams on "After Dark" and the overall cliche/sophomoric (but genius) feel of "The City Sleeps In Flames", they have found a way to mix melody, intricate guitar riffs and heavy drums to keep their fans coming back for more. I saw them live prior to the release of this CD and they introduced the audience to "Degenerates" and "Free Again", if I remember right. Even though no one knew the words at the time, the crowd was responding to the songs more than when they played songs from their previous albums. It could just be the thrill of hearing something new, but seeing as the album has a harder sound to begin with, I'd assume that that's what made people go crazy. Their live perfomance is very engaging and always entertaining: just like the CD. Though having more slow songs and intermissions than we've seen before, these songs give us a break from the power of the other 10 tracks. The setup of the entire thing gives it balance. It almost leads you through a story, though I'm not entirely positive how everything connects. // 10

Lyrics: Overall, the lyrics are fantastic. There isn't a time that Tyson's lyrics do not fit the mood of a particular song. His tone and delivery, even if the lyrics seem overrated and cheesy, make them believable. The range from weak groans, heavy screams and melodic choruses are essentially what makes every song vary from the next. // 9

Overall Impression: Here's breakdown of each song: 01. Prelude - pretty neat. I really like how it introduces us to the theme of the next song as if it's setting up a story. 02. Degenerates - one of my favorite songs for the whole album. Full of energy, great lyrics, the muted sequence of the verse is extremely engaging and different and do I even have to mention the screaming before the chorus? Amazing. 03. Holding On - open-feeling track. The incorporation of the keyboard in the verse is fantastic: shows that the keys haven't lost their place in bands like these. The end guitar "solo", if you will, adds a lot of depth to the end of the song. 04. The Deep End - the opening riff is what first caught my attention. A toned-down track, though it has a very cliche sounding chorus, the lyrics prior to the chorus and in the breakdown make it all worth-while. 05. Faces - expecting a very hard-hitting song just from the intro riff, I was rather disappointed with the chorus. Of course, the design of this song appeals to more than just one crowd, so you can't hate it too much. If you hate the chorus, just listen to the guitar work throughout: it's fantastic. 06. A Pistol To My Temple - the fast-paced verse is genius and suits the lyrics well. As always, the guitars are awesome. 07. Star Crossed - if there is one song on this album that does not belong, it is most definitely this one. This isn't to say that it's bad, but compared to the rest it's not quite up to par. 08. Derailed - not your average acoustic song. I'm glad it was kept short and to the point. It can unveil a lot of emotion in a listener, and the guitar is just beautiful. A good quick listen. 09. Breathe - a step aside to think about the last song. 10. Set Sail - the intro is undeniably catchy. The lyrics are creative, and the vocals are projected very well. 11. Free Again - perfect all around. The guitar riffs, the rolling drums, the desperate screams. The breakdown showing off the keys is top notch! 12. Snake Devil - southern style, partially screamed lyrics, what more can you ask for? Oh right, a face-melting solo! There is nothing about the song that doesn't work. 13. Watch Me Bleed - a recovery song. Good to listen to on a rainy day, but if you're in a great mood, don't lessen it with this. The lyrics are great, however very depressing. I really like that the song showed the keys off some more. 14. Goes Without Saying - another slow song. Unlike the others the guitar riff is instantly catchy, and even though the lyrics are simple, it keeps you interested. 15. Blood Runs Forever - one of the best songs on the entire album. Just when you think the album is winding down the song blasts in. The guitars are perfect from start to finish. 16. The Power Of Resolution - I don't listen to this song that often. It's fairly repetitive in the guitars, probably because it's purpose is to serve as an outro, but I respect that they tried something different. Anytime I listen to it I can see it appearing in some sort of murder-mystery kind of film. Someday perhaps? This album was a great change from the past. It didn't really exceed the other two, just capitalized on their true style. Flows well. // 10

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