The City Sleeps In Flames review by Scary Kids Scaring Kids

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  • Released: Jun 28, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (100 votes)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids: The City Sleeps In Flames

Sound — 10
I first heard of this band when they're EP came out, but I neglected to truely look into them until they released they're frist full length album, The City Sleeps In Flames. I saw they're name on the Thursday site because they were touring with them at the time, so I checked them out. I watched they're "My Darkest Hour" video and found it really catchy. So I went on humming it in my head until I finally went out and bought they're cd. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. I introduced my brother to it, and he loved it and it also opened him up to so many different bands that fall into the emo/screamo/post hardcore genres. The Sound on this album is very refined and fits all together perfectly. There is really not one track on the CD that I am not completly in love with. The only songs that I do not enjoy as much as I used to are "My Darkest Hour" and "The Only Medicine" because I have heard them so many times. Both of these songs have videos, one being pretty damn funny and another making a zombie slasher film parody. I think by now they should have a video for the song the album is named after. This band is very talented and I love the pinch harmonics they throw around and the driving drums. The bass isn't exactly in your face and is more into the background I find. Tysons voice can be sweet and almost a whisper to a full blown scream or cry or raspy last breath sound all in one song. The keyboardist is really talented. Afkary really does make the keyboards noticable and not a background of the song but a full part in the song. Plus it is awesome when he freaks out on stage and smashes his keyboard. Another thing is I find this band excellent live.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics in this CD are a little mixed for me. I absolutly love all of them but I just find some of the lyrics cliche` but not enough to bother me. Tyson's voice fits perfectly with the lyrics, band, and overall feel of the song on every verse. The lyrics really can make you feel happy, sad, melancholly, or miserable but I find it to most of all feel melancholly since my ex-girlfriend broke up with me the week I bought this CD. 01. The City Sleeps In Flames - this is a really good song and I would of given it a ten but I find the lyrics are cliche at points and it doesnt't pack enough punch for the opener of this album. And yet I have to disagree with myself because Tyson really seems to let it out on this track. 02. The Only Medicine - driving drums and blasting guitar. This possibly would of made a better opener. However I have grown bored with this song. Has a nice solo, lyrics are weaker and do not come across so meaningful on this track. This is also the only track they say f--k on. 03. The World As We Know It - this is a pretty good track. Key boards are noticed a lot more on this track than the previous two tracks. 04. What's Said Is Done - I hate giving this song a 8! I wanted to give it a ten but the lyrics are really too sketchy on this track. However you will find yourself humming for no reason why(no reason why, no reason why, no reason why), over an over again. A nice song to bring your mood down for the next song. 05. Just A Taste - this was my favorite the longest time. The lyrics are really great and the song itself is beautiful in my opinion. The guitars are very pretty and compliment the feel for this song. The guitar is by far the most noticable instrument on this track. 06. My Darkset - catchy. Energetic. Really good song. 07. Drowning You In Fear - this is also a good one. Nothing stands out about it but it still is a great song. 08. The Bright Side Of Suffering - possibly the best lyrics on the CD backed up by some awesome guitar licks. But the lyircs are really a strong point right here and the screams sound out of control and on the edge of almost losing it is is brought back with a a repeated sweet whispered verse. Then Tyson completely breaks. 09. Empty Glasses - catchiest freakin' song. Also has a empty melancholy feel. Chorus is the chatchy part with one singing and in the background another singing something else. Has some '80s feeling keyboards. 10. Faith In The Knife - hard driving guitar and screams. A track that will take some listening to but you will eventually have it playing in your head "With no hope I'll find a sign! Come on! Tonight tonight tonight! I put all my faith in this knife, Goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight! The blood spills as the tears fall from your eyes!" 11. A Breath Of Sunshine - probably the best song by far in term of lyrics. A very pretty piece that will be stuck in your head. I would give the lyrics overall a ten but it just isnt perfect enough.

Overall Impression — 10
This is an awesome album in my opiniion that you should at least look into. It is also worth getting their EP. This is the kind of CD where your favorite song is a different one every week. I love everything about it. If it was lost I'd call the thief a commie then punch him in the face and buy myself a new one and then burn the old one because it was tainted.

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    Yeah man I agree. A friend of mine introduced me to them through their EP and I got the CD as soon as it came out. Great band and great CD. Better than most other bands in their genre. P.S. Also the intro riff to "The Only Medicine" is a great speed trainer
    dude the guitar is good but I wanted more solos!!!but overall great band and nice drumming thats the best part!!
    I kinda find this CD to be average, the songs that stood out for me were The City Sleeps in Flames and A Breath of Sunshine and The Only Medicine.
    I love this ****ig album so much!! SKSK are amazing Damn, I havent bought their newest album yet
    Pouyan kicks so much a$$ its ridiculous. i was at the warped when he swung off the top of the stage and kicked a guy in the side of the head.... good stuff
    the keyboardist is Pouyan... and he is amazing live! The whole ****in band is amazing live. the cd and the live show... the cd has nothing on the live show.
    the keyboardist is Pouyan... and he is amazing live! The whole ****in band is amazing live. the cd and the live show... the cd has nothing on the live show.
    Yeah, i've seen them live, they were backing up Bullet for my Valentine. I didn't like it to be honest, the keyboardist was acting like a prat, and the vocalist lost his flesh-ring and was looking for that through three of the songs.
    man bright side of suffering is there best song by far SOMEONE PLEASE TAB THIS SONG and ill polish ur shoes and give u a hug
    yea theyre not supposed to be like really aggresive tho their live show is "aggresive" it's amazing
    thanks for commenting on my review! but do you really think they should be more aggressive? i guess i could see that but i like them the way the are any way thanks!
    i found some of the tracks were kinda empty. at points where both guitarists were playing riffs, they should have overdubbed some rhythm guitar to fill it out, or at least turned the bass up.