Fly to the Rainbow review by Scorpions

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  • Released: Nov 1, 1974
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (1 vote)
Scorpions: Fly to the Rainbow

Sound — 9
"Fly to the Rainbow" is the second album by the German hard rock band Scorpions. The album still keep some psychedelic rock influence from the first album "Lonesome Crow," but the overall sound is harder. It isn't yet the melodic hard rock that will characterize the band since the next album "In Trance," maybe there is still large use of acoustic arrangements. However, we can hear hard tracks as the opener "Speedy's Coming": a fast and powerful riff that lead a perfect hard song. "They Need a Million" starts with acoustic guitar and a soft sung, to conduct the song in a oriental style riff. "Drifting Sun" is written and sung by Roth: a good rhythm and solo. Then comes the soft "Fly People Fly," very quite and melodic. "This Is My Song" is a good track with a good melody, "Far Away" is another soft track. Finally comes "Fly to the Rainbow" which starts acoustic and get in a powerful distorted riff. I read that the dive bombs heard on the track are the first dive bombs in the history of music. I'm not sure, but it can be. This may be a positive note for Roth's soloing creativity.

Lyrics — 8
About the lyrics, I think are good, but nothing so special. Klaus sing about dreams ("Speedy's Coming," "Fly People Fly," "This Is My Song," "Fly to the Rainbow"), observations about life ("They Need a Million"). In the next albums the lyrics will be more suitable for the hard rock songs. The lyrics of "Drifting Sun" are written by Roth, and since the next album ("In Trance"), his songwriting will be more present. About Klaus' skills, I really appreciate them. He has a perfect voice for the band sound, and his use of vocal melody is supreme.

Overall Impression — 9
"Fly to the Rainbow" is overall a great album; this fusion between psychedelic rock and space hard rock make it a really interesting album. It is also the first album featuring Uli Jon Roth on the lead guitar, that will show his great mastery on soloing in this album and in the next three album of scorpions, before being replaced by Michael Shenker. The majority of the tracks is written by Klaus Meine and Rudolf Shenker, however Roth will show better his creativity in songwriting especially in the next two albums: "In Trance" and "Virgin Killer." So, "Fly to the Rainbow" is the first album of the Roth's era, and I think there was no way better to start it. A positive note to the good production, which has always been a strength point for the Scorpions' albums.

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