12 Bar Blues review by Scott Weiland

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  • Released: Mar 17, 1998
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.3 (11 votes)
Scott Weiland: 12 Bar Blues

Sound — 6
When I first ever heard the album title, "12 Bar Blues," I had a blues album in mind. When I listened to the album, it's almost the exact opposite. The CD begins with a drum machine, that sounds like it is skipping, which is aggravating, but it sounds kind of cool. That's basically the premise of the album. It is absolutely nothing that a Stone Temple Pilots fan would have in mind. Most of the music is very ecstatic and electronic. There are "real" instruments thrown about in the album, such as a guitar or drums. I was surprised to see that Weiland himself recorded some of the guitar tracks and beatbox tracks. Most of the instruments are recorded by other studio people. Either way, it gives us an idea of the crazy scene of what must got on in Scott Weiland's head. I would have to say it sounds like a more electronic and poppier version of Nine Inch Nails mixed with David Bowie. The music is very refreshing after listening to STP's alternative rock albums, but there are many points where the music just gets annoying. It seems like too much is going on at once.

Lyrics — 6
If you have heard any Stone Temple Pilot or Velvet Revolver albums, you should be well aware that Scott Weiland is one of the greatest sings recording records right now. Listening to this CD, it's hard to realize that. Sure, he does use different styles between every song, but the vocals just seem alot more stressed. It doesn't sound like he's getting into the music, which is odd, being that it is a solo album. The lyrics are extremely off the wall. The album's single, "Barbarella" begins with "You play the game, I'll masturbate and sing a lullaby.". It definitely fits the zany, chaotic music that plays during it though. Normally, I would give Scott Weiland a "5" just because of his amazing voice and fairly decent lyric skill, but with this album, he gets a "3."

Overall Impression — 6
If what I said above has made you turn away from this album. Rethink it. It's not all that bad. At first, I was extremely disappointed, but I must say it has grown on me alot. 12 Bar Blues contains some of the great hooks Weiland provided with STP. Some of the highlight tracks are "Desperation #5," "About Nothing" and "Where's The Man." I love the uniqueness, but I hate it as well. What makes it unique gets on my nerves. When I first listened to it, I heard my CD skipping in the middle of a track, and I figured that it was just part of the album, because alot of material on it sounds like it, but it turns out it was not, it was just skipping after all. Now, for the definitive question: Would I buy this if it were lost/stolen? No. It took me ages to find this album, but I wouldnt go through the trouble again. If you are a fan of Weiland's performances, you might want to check this album out, or if you just like strange music. If I could, I would give this overall a "3.5", but I guess I'll settle for an overall 3.

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    This album is strange, (Weiland is strange too), but, after time, I think, this album is diamond!