Kicking & Screaming review by Sebastian Bach

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (12 votes)
Sebastian Bach: Kicking & Screaming

Sound — 8
Sebastian Bach is f--king famous. The man starred on "Gilmore Girls", reality shows such as "I Married Sebastian Bach" and "Gone Country", and oh by the way, he used to sing for New Jersey metal titans Skid Row. He is generally regarded as one of the best lead singers in rock n' roll, and is an idol to younger bands such as Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria. After being kicked out of Skid Ro in 1996, Bach began his TV exploits. He also started a solo career. However, his first solo album "Angel Down" didn't appear until 2007. Now, four years later, after divorcing his wife of 18 years (thanks primarily to a tell-all groupie book of all things) and losing his house to Hurricane Irene (although Irene hit after Bach's new album was finished), Bach is still "Kicking & Screaming". "Kicking & Screaming" is his new solo album. Whereas "Angel Down" was mostly made up of thrashy metal tunes that harkened back to Skid Row's classic "Slave To The Grind" album, "Kicking & Screaming" sounds like a modern version of Skid Row's hair metal debut. The main thing you'll notice about "Kicking & Screaming" is the sweeeetttttt guitar work. Bach discovered 20 year old Nick Sterling and was so impressed by his playing that Sterling immediately became Bach's new guitarist. Let's just say for Sebastian, it's like when Ozzy found Randy Rhoads. Now I'm not trying to say Nick Sterling is anywhere close to as good as RR, but Nick is certainly an amazing guitarist in his own right. You can tell Sebastian feels reborn with his new guitarist. You won't hear much shredding in the opening title track, but since it is a radio single that's kind of expected. The title track does have a b-tchin' rock groove that made it a good choice for a single. Nick wrote most of the songs on "K&S", although Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 both co-wrote "Tunnel Vision" and makes a guest appearance on said track. I love the sound of "K&S", and Nick turns in a "Sterling" performance.

Lyrics — 8
Considering Bach's past few years, you can expect what is coming on "K&S". Bach mostly sings about personal issues and such. His voice is still the same as always, and that's a good thing. Some reviews of "K&S" said that Sebastian is singing in more of an alternative rock style, but I don't hear it. He certainly is singing MORE than he did on "Angel Down". His range is still present, and his higher screams still give me chills.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall impression? Bach still rocks. "K&S" is a different beast than "Angel Down", which shows Bach's versatility as a musician. Nick Sterling lays down several smoking riffs and fiery solos that will put all the kids on UG who claim to be amazing guitarists on notice and to shame. I can't wait to hear more of Bach/Sterling. Hell yes, I'd replace it if it were lost/stolen.

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    MT in Austin
    I was surprise how far down in the mix the vocals are on this release. Overall, it is pretty good. I'd just like to have Bach mixed out in front.