Teenage Fantasy review by Secret and Whisper

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  • Released: Apr 6, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.8 (12 votes)
Secret and Whisper: Teenage Fantasy

Sound — 10
First of all, compared to everything mainstream you hear on the radio, this band has a unique sound attached to the name. The bands sound hasn't changed much since Great White Whale, but it still never ceases to amaze. The skill of the band has increased as a whole taking secret and whisper to a new level, with leads and rifts from both guitarists that will hypnotize you, leaving you to search the web for tabs. Ryans drumming still puzzles me, but in a very good way, showing that he may never run out of energy, even using the double kick as he does in many songs, but even proving he can still drum it out at a slower pace.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics, although confusing at sometimes, would have proved challenging to write all the while singing with Charles vocal range which will impress almost anyone. Some lyrics like those found in Blush "Waking up to sounds may cause you to take a look around. Entertain your friends with audio of dead relatives." will appear to you, and the meaning behind the song may be obvious, but others like Bedroom Galaxy "When your grandmother dies, will she fly to the afterlife, or will she haunt your children?" will leave you with a puzzle in your head and a question that you may never answer, but none the less, you will enjoy every word behind every song.

Overall Impression — 10
01. Youth Cats: the first song on the CD. Starts off with faint dialogue, and a follow-up guitar intro, which then kicks off with Ryan's drumming. This song is bound to have you jumping around feeling energetic. The lyrics may need you to look them up, but will stick once known. "Be ready for anything beyond the borders. The younger cats have come to tear away. Tonight they hunt their prey and it is you." 02. Warrior (Southern Arrowwood): the song that made me find this album. Simply amazing, even still with my play count on 73 within a month or so. Everything meshes together perfectly, drums, bass, guitars, vocals, one of the best songs on the CD. "Turn around and let the winds direction guide you. Fear no sound your ancestors are here beside you. Wild untamed and gentle child of southern arrow wood." 03. Bedroom Galaxy: definitely the best song on the CD (In my opinion). It starts off with just 1 guitar, but then kicks off with the other within seconds joined with Ryan and Jordan. Charles does have to strain his voice that tad bit, but it is worth it, going from regular, to insane ranges within seconds. "When your grandmother dies, will she fly to the afterlife, or will she haunt your children" 04. Tiny Sparkle: a song I have skipped a few times because, like the Actress and Werewolves from GWW, seemed too slow and didn't match their sound. But if you listen to it a few times, you will adjust and this song will take hold of you. "Don't make me nervous. The forest energy has deeper meaning." 05. Famous For A Century: the title may seem like its making a reference to Madonna, but don't be fooled, this song has a fast beat with addictive guitars while Jordan keeps his cool with the bass that will leave you wanting more. There is a small solo here and there, nothing remarkable but wont fail to please either. "We are so much alike, you and I. You're a hobby and I'm a killer." 06. Edger Of Wilderness: the sound throughout the song seems like it was almost experimental, some has the S&W sound written all over it, but most will make you think there is a different band playing aside from Charles voice that will keep you on track. Not my favourite, but still a good song that has a slower beat. "You've been to the edge of wilderness, breaking from the curse of loneliness. Determined youth, bring home the head and bloody tooth. " 07. Pretty Snarl: a interlude track that seems a little out of place with the S&W sound, but will let your imagination play about thinking about the next song. 8.Star Blankets - Brought in with the sound of pluggin a cord into an amp followed with a instant lead that brings the band in. Very catchy lyrics with a fast beat that slows down during the bridge but speeds back up to keep their sound alive. "They're using chemicals to alter animals and their biology. They're using animals to gain a better known technology" 09. Blush: a distorted intro that fades into a vocally technical verse that for the majority will only have Ryan and Jordan playing, with small rifts and leads from both guitars. A Very catchy song though that will leave you singing for ages. The Outro is carefully put together with all but the guitars fading out, with a small harmony played before returning to the distorted sound used at the start "Waking up to sounds may cause you to take a look around. Entertain your friends with audio of dead relatives." 10. Whale Bones: a slow song that may remind you of GWW with carefully written lyrics that can confuse you if you don't pay attention. The theme sounds closely related to "Lovers" off their previous album. The most amazing thing about this song, is that we actually hear Jordan sing by himself during the last quarter of the song. The outro consists of delayed guitars, slow bass, and of course a final thrill by Ryan. "Do you hate the feeling of life on the open sea? The wood is rotting underneath Does the salty breeze trigger your memory Of whale bones and coming home?" 11. Silver Mountain: possibly the song with the most harmonized guitar work on the CD, showing that they can play both distorted and clean, working with delay where needed. Ryan shows that he still has skill to come, and Jordan keeps that bass going adding that haunting feel to the end of the song. As for lyrics, small amount, big impact, you may find yourself drying your eyes as mentioned during the last part. "Dry your eyes. Keep them set on silver mountain. We will bury your mother beneath the fountain. " Overall I loved this album and haven't regretted getting it. If someone steals or breaks it, angry wouldn't say anything, and they WOULD replace it with 3 more.

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    2nd review sounds more like an advertisement than a review. This cd is good, and I disagree with the first review saying that originality is lacking. S&W has a sound that is all their own and are one of the more original bands out there.