Parasite review by See You Next Tuesday

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  • Released: Apr 3, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (22 votes)
See You Next Tuesday: Parasite

Sound — 9
The overall sound omitted on Parasite is very impressing. The guitar work has always been among my favorite when it comes to grindcore with the eloquently over-the-top pinch harmonics, whammy dives, and sweeps. Drew (guitarist) never ceases to amaze me with anything he does, and he also throws in some softer parts in the songs which really brings the record together. The bass is very often unheard on this record but when witnessed, Travis makes good use of the six-string bass he wields and lets you know that bassists can still be technical. The drums are another shining point on this record. The overall technicality of the drummer isn't the highest I've heard in recent years, but it does rank quite high in my list. I think with Parasite, SYNT are reaching new heights of the grindcore genre. While staying in a fair area of what is already know to come from grind, they still manage to break new boundries in tech grind.

Lyrics — 7
Ah, the most controversial aspect of SYNT's newest offering. The singing. The lyrics encompass the typical death, blood, and love normally seen from genres like this. But, that doesn't necessarily mean they are good. The lyrics are usually right around a short paragraph in length and aren't really impressing or lack-luster. But the most talked about part with these new songs is the new singer. SYNT had to lose their previous, and much-loved singer half-way through getting ready for the new album and acquired the singer of ex-Flesh and Blood Robot. Fans of the old singer will tell you that they really don't enjoy the new at all. And fans of the new singer will tell you that the old singer didn't have as much to offer. While it is true that the new singer, Fox, does have more of a vocal range, from yelling, to extreme highs, and lows you would think that everything would sound very good, alas, it does not. The vocals are far too loud at times in my opinion and it can get a little annoying. While I do enjoy Fox's highs, his lows are a little typical and I was left wanting a little more. They really aren't as bad as I may make them sound but I'm just critical about small things, and the singing shouldn't really turn anyone off.

Overall Impression — 9
My overall impression of this album was a great one. The album left me wanting more and feeling like I had no clue what had just happened to my ear drums over the past 20 minutes, which is hard for a band to do when you're into as much technical music as I am. My favorite songs on the album would have to be, Before I Die I'm Gonna F--k Me a Fish, And a Portable Death Ray, which was my favorite off of the old demo. The remakes of the old songs on this album are turned up to a new speed and level I thought unreachable and I was left utterly impressed. If you are into any form of Grind, I would highly suggest purchasing, or downloading this album. Even if you didn't like the old Demos they had out I would still tell you to buy this because they almost seem like a whole new band and have an added level of technicality added to their playing.

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    umm Drew Slavik (guitarist) is a 6 year Berklee graduate i would LOVE to see someone play this while still having his stage presence and making it sound exactly like the cd
    oh and.. this album sounds just like the demo. just some stuff is slower. i guess they can't play it that well live huh?
    they're ok though. sometimes i like noise. not worthy of a great review though. go listen to twodeadsluts onegood**** for some classic noise.
    they are generic. it's a joke. they play a bunch of dissonant chords, harmonies, and shred chromatically for the most noise. hey, they've got the scene vote though.
    no they are not killwhitneydead almost sucks these guys are good... and jfac suck they cant play their guitars and are super genric
    twas good, i haven't really heard anything else like it, little bit like dillinger, its not really very grindcore, at least fromt eh grindcore bands i've heard, and what the **** is wrong with jfac? they are god damn amazing the new album is so ****ign good, so is this they are two of my favorite bands,
    leeb rocks
    ^ no that was sometime next tusday although i made that same mistake i had to check.
    ad4mZX... they are the least to generic of any other band out there. go listen to some more job for a cowboy flamer.
    It's abbreviated as CUNT, which is the whole point of the name. In my opinion this wasn't that good. They only have a decent vocalist and have the talent of any generic unsigned metal band, grindcore or not.