Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces review by Seether

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  • Released: Oct 23, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (159 votes)
Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

Sound — 8
Well, as Seether's frontman, (Shaun Morgan) described, this was a very different, and almost experimental album for Seether. And, Seether managed to pull of an album, that is not only experimental, but still has the, "Seether" feel to it. It ranges from rough, hardcore songs like, "Like Suicide", and, "Don't Believe". To acoustic songs, that get harder, like, "Walk Away From The Sun". And also, fun "Swing beat" songs, like their popular single, "Fake It".

Lyrics — 10
What I love most about this album, is that in some of his songs, Shaun really expresses his frustration with things like, "Changing yourself, just to be someone." And, "Not letting other peoples opinions hurt you." To me personally, the lyrics really spoke to me. Very meaningful, and thought provoking.

Overall Impression — 9
01.Like Suicide: a very rough, and, (as Shaun described it) "Animal" song. Very good to opening for an album. 8.5/10 02.Fake It: I think just about everyone's heard this song by now. With it's fun swing beat, and catchy lyrics, what's not to like? 9.5/10 03.Breakdown: Seether's newest single. Shaun described it as, "The old, 'Sticks and Stones' saying." It features a very odd opening riff, but still a great song. 8/10 04.Fmlyhm: it's not my favorite song on the album. But it still has that, undeniably cool intro. With it's opening drum line, and simple guitar riff. 7.5/10 05.Fallen: probably one of the best songs on the album. It starts of with a catchy bass line, and breaks into the same riff, but with an electric guitar. And it's amazing lyrics, about, "Changing yourself, just to be somebody." 9.5/10 06.Rise Above This: another song that everyone's heard by now. A catchy, yet sad song about his brother's suicide. Very meaningful. 9/10 07.No Jesus Christ: while it might sound a bit, "Anti-Christian". The songs main line is, "You're no Jesus Christ." It's one of those songs, that was experimental, but still has a Seether feel. It starts with an awesome bass line. 9/10 08.Six Gun Quota: probably one of my favorite songs on the album. It starts out with a very almost, "Punk Alternative Rock" guitar riff. While the lyrics are what most people describe as, "Emo-ish". 9.5/10 09.Walk Away From The Sun: seether described this as their favorite song on the new album. As they said, "It's a new turn for us." It starts out, with an acoustic intro, and leads on to a heavier feel. 8.5/10 10.Eyes Of The Devil; kind of an odd song all and all. Everything about the song is unusual. Not my favorite, but still a great song. 7.5/10 11.Don't Believe: this is probably my least favorite song on the new album. Most people describe it as a "Karma and Effect type song." It's very unusual, but at the same time, oddly catchy. 7/10 12.Waste: I'm going to start out by saying, this song is amazing. By far, my favorite song on the album. It feature a 7 string guitar. And a very strong riff. An awesome song, and an awesome ending to the album. 10/10

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    Alright, everyone has their opinion, and yes they sound like Nirvana in fact when they first started they were labeled as a Nirvana cover band....second No Jesus Christ is about how when people judge you, they have no room to talk because they're not perfect...."They're No Jesus Christ" has nothing to do with religion its about how people make false assumption and how they should clean their own porch before they make fun of somebody elses
    SG46 wrote: almosthuman36 wrote: I love seether, they're keeping grunge, my favorite genre alive. I'll agree that this wasn't their best album but they still have some killer tracks. Probably the worst thing that happened to this album is that so many people hear the two singles, "fake it" and "rise above this" and assume they like the band. Some people should actually listen to the other tracks before they assume they're seether fans. Nicely put! I totally agree with you!
    yea for seems that a lot of people not into post-grunge at all seem to like seether.....which is totally posing....good post
    when i first heard fake it, i thought, "im no way in my life buying that album." as i hated it. i thought it was cookie cutter bullshit. of course now that song along with the whole album is on my favorites list on my ipod. this album just takes a while to grow on you if youre an old seether fan. it's quite excellent, really.
    Missino wrote: It's a fact that Seether doesn't sound anything like Nirvana (Who had no musical quality what-so-ever).
    damn you must be a ****ing moron if your trying to say seether is better than nirvana.bitch
    im sorry but i think seether sold straight the **** out of the ballpark with this album.i couldnt bring myself to like it even if my life depended on not saying that its a bad album,but truly to myself,i cant bring my self to like this album for some reason