Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces review by Seether

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  • Released: Oct 23, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (159 votes)
Seether: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

Sound — 10
Being a fan of the sounds created by great bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, I suggest you believe me when I tell you that Seether will one day be right up there with all the greats of rock. Seether uses a post grunge sound and spices it up with hot riffs and unbelievable vocals. Seether creates a professional sound enough to make any hardcore fan of the art proud. Seether definately achieved a big break-through with 'Finding beauty in Negative spaces' and will definately be seeing the top of many more charts in the near future.

Lyrics — 9
When it comes to lyrics I find it hard to critisize Shaun Morgan. The only problem I can find is that certain key words seem to be popping up in many different songs and albums. Shaun Morgan's voice seems to have shades of the great master of grunge, Mr. Kurt himself but just with a much deeper and stronger tone. The lyrics blend in perfectly with the music whether the music is fast paced or even on slower deeper songs.

Overall Impression — 10
Seether have made a masterpiece in my view which is much more than I can say about many other of even my favorite bands. Slowly but surely Seether are makig themselves heard. The album has songs to which you can relate. 'Like suicide' is one of those nice flowing hard rock songs, whilst 'no Jesus Christ' is straght forward head banging bliss. Seether gets full marks for this effort.

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    What's cool about Seether is that the music comes first. They comfortable enough as a band to make a somewhat poppy song like "Rise Above This". They don't have the typical giant egos that typically come along with rockers. Its good to see them have some success in the mainstream. I will say that I prefer all the non-studio versions of these songs, but grunge is supposed to have that raw sound.
    i agree with that last review!....I like Waste better than most of the songs. and yeah No Jesus Christ has a headbanging chorus, but still it's a good song by Seether (im not saying it's an awesome song)...
    I'm really bemused by UGs lack of understanding of the song No Jesus Christ. And the Nirvana references are getting tiring with Seether. OH HUMM YEAH THEY'RE STILL TRYING TO SOUND LIKE NIRVANA HUR HUR HUR IM BRILLIANT. It's so ****ing retarded. They're making the music they like. If it happens to sometimes sound a bit like their influences WELL BIG FUCKING DEAL. Bands should be able to do whatever sound they want. They shouldn't feel obliged to not do a sound or adapt a sound because SOMEBODY got there first. Fuck, everyone must be copying off everyone~! It's all been done before~! No progression yikes yikes the snobby music heads are exploding~!~!~!~!! Pfft... Seether just rocks. Simple. As.
    whats the big deal if they sound like nirvana? thats the band that influenced them so why wouldnt they sound a little bit like them? i'm sure none of the people who criticize seether have never modeled anything they've done after someone that they look up to right?
    [quote]Randy_Rhoads44 wrote: the only thing i am wondering is who the F#CK is this Welgemoed you keep refferencing?? you said "Welgemoeds crooned vocals" the singers name is shaun MORGAN!!! You're not the biggest seether fan are you? welgemoed is Morgans Surname, but he dropped it when he moved to the US as he thought that the Yanks would have trouble pronouncing it, Morgan is his Middle name
    What the **** he says "You're no jesus christ" Refering to someone. And seether dont sound that much like nirvana i mean they are a big infuence on shaun so there will be elements of nirvana. Im sick of people saying they're a rip off nirvana when half their music sounds nothing like Nirvana
    Haha i had to laugh at everyone who dont know who Welgemoed is, Its Shaun Morgan if people decide to read. I dont think this album was actually all that bad, in fact i enjoyed it heaps, i was a fan since Karma & Effect, but ive brought all their albums since they may be my biggest infulence, Grunge / Post Grunge all the way. To be honest, i think Puddle of mudd sounds more like Nirvana than Seether, but thats my opinion, and as betterman5 pointed out, Nirvana was a huge influence on Shaun so of course it might sound similar. Rise Above this might be my fav song on this album too (RIP Eugene). Hoping for another rocking album in the future too.