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artist: Seether date: 06/30/2006 category: compact discs
Seether: One Cold Night
Release Date: Jul 11, 2006
Label: Wind-Up
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
This is a brilliant album, a must have for any grunge/metal/rock fan. If you've enjoyed any of Seether?s songs, this is one for you.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 7
One Cold Night Featured review by: UG Team, on june 30, 2006
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Sound: Back when MTV's Unplugged set the stage for some of the most memorable stage shows, namely both Nirvana and Alice In Chain's haunting performances, going acoustic could provide a new and novel way of hearing the songs you already loved electric. Not to say that magic is not possible with today's bands, but it's definitely harder to come by.

Seether's CD and bonus DVD, One Cold Night, is the latest addition to the acoustic genre, featuring a February 22, 2006, performance at The Grape Street Club In Philadelphia. For the band's hardcore fans it will likely be an enjoyable addition to their CD collection, with all the expected hits included in the set list. But when you break the concert down, there is not a lot of difference between Seether's original recordings and the new live unplugged versions. The band does a capable job of performing and there's an excellent mix on the audio, but there should be a bit more reason to put out a concert recording than to prove you can sound a lot like the records you've put out before.

The first track on the CD, Gasoline, does have a driving groove that makes for an infectious opener. Vocalist Shaun Morgan displays his characteristic raw emotion and is backed by solid instrumental backup from bassist Dale Stewart, drummer John Humphrey, and former guitarist Pat Callahan. But that being said, it almost sounds a bit too much like the original version heard on Disclaimer. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the rest of the CD follows this same trend and not much new is heard throughout the record.

One Cold Night could have been an excellent opportunity to go beyond what you're already expecting out of Seether's hits by adding in extra harmonies, perhaps an extended acoustic guitar solo or two. There are moments of beauty, like in the introduction of Fine Again, when an intricate guitar solo takes the song in a new and refreshing direction. But most of the songs don't stray far from the arrangement of the originals and it would have been a great avenue to tweak a song like Remedy by making it a dreamy ballad. // 7

Lyrics: If there is one area that Seether excels in, it is melancholia. There is plenty of underlying angst in the band's songs, and there is definitely an audience for that. While One Cold Night is more focused on the acoustic performance aspects of the music, Shaun Morgan's chilling delivery does give believability to some of the bands heartbreaking songs. In Diseased Morgan sings, I will never belong to you; Push if you still need my pain; Cause I will never tell; And scream if you still hate my name; Cause I'll be where I fell. The words are not necessarily groundbreaking statements, but the lyrics actually bolster the concert when the arrangements don't make a huge impression.

Plenty of people might hear Seether's lyrics and think that band is way too absorbed in somber themes. In a song like The Gift, Morgan expresses his self-doubt in each line. In the chorus Morgan sings, I can't face myself when I wake up; And look inside a mirror; I'm so ashamed of that thing; I suppose I'll let it go. The darker lyrics are either going to jive with you or they won't. In this case, they really worked to the band's advantage in an environment that was described as intimate. // 7

Overall Impression: As live albums go, the latest Seether offering does not make a big enough impression. Even in watching the bonus DVD that comes with the One Cold Night CD, it fails to be that memorable. You are able to watch the entire acoustic performance as it is heard on the CD, but the visual images of the concert still doesn't pack the punch that's needed. To the band's credit, fans can watch a bonus interview, a video for The Gift, and some behind-the-scenes extras -- additions that most live CDs don't usually include.

If you're looking for just another setting in which to hear your favorite Seether songs, then this latest CD will likely be worth the buy. If you're hoping that the band is able to resurrect the same type of chilling moments that Kurt Cobain created in his 1994 Unplugged performance, you may be in store for a letdown. Those kinds of acoustic moments may never happen again, but it's always nice when you're given goose bumps at least a few times in a live performance. Seether has the talent to come through, so let's hope their future live CDs will be heavy on the goose bump factor. // 7

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overall: 10
One Cold Night Reviewed by: nextBIGthing1, on june 30, 2006
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Sound: I thought I loved Seether before, but wow! This album sheds a whole new light on them. Their last 2 albums were fairly heavy in places, but this album shows their ability to slow things down and show a lighter, stripped down, acoustic side to their older songs, even throwing in a cover and a newer unreleased song. The song list, and what I thought of each, is as follows: 01. Gasoline - nicely done, but they haven't changed a lot with this one. It's just an acoustic version of the heavier song. Can't complain though, wouldn't be right as a softer song. 02. Driven Under - this one is extremely well done. It's slower, and just sounds great. Shaun does a great job vocally, and the instrumental work is awesome. 03. Diseased - very nice. From the intro its a great song. Seems a tad slower, but nothing too noticeable. Very well done. 04. Truth - has a nice little intro, sounds awesome. Knew after 5 seconds of this song I was in for a treat. Loved every second of it. Awesomely played. 05. Immortality - cover (Pearl Jam). I feel they've done this song justice, and then some. I love this cover. I cannot fault it in anyway, shape or form. A great cover. 06. Tied My Hands - new release. This is the first time I've ever heard Tied My Hands, and I loved it. Sticks to Seether's traditional "simple, yet effective" way of doing things. The music is technically nothing special, but sounds brilliant. 07. Sympathetic - change of pace a little bit here. Instead of slowing down, like the rest of the songs seemed to do, in this one they sped up the verse, and I cant tell if the chorus is the same or faster as well. A very nice song non-the-less. 08. Fine Again - another one that has a different intro. It's absolutely awesome. It's played at around the same pace, but it is brilliant. The chorus isn't as intense musically as on the Disclaimer albums, but is nice. The solo is really fitting, nothing to fast or intense, just a nice basic little riff. Loved it. 09. Broken - from the start, I just had the feeling that this would be awesome. Very similar to the band version of the song (the one that doesn't feature Amy Lee), and they play it live awesomely. Only fault I can pick is that I didn't really like the solo that much, but I won't take away from the rest of the song. 10. The Gift - a very nice song. Fairly similar to the recorded version, with a few differences in spots. Can't really fault it. 11. Remedy - this was going to be a big test, turning a fairly heavy song to a lighter, acoustic song. I can't see the need for this one to be done acoustically, but I guess they did. It's not badly done, but I just don't like the sound of this song as an acoustic song. Doesn't seem to sound right for my ears. 12. Plastic Man - from the beginning, it was very nicely done. It's a very soft/slow song anyway, but it sounds very nice when in an acoustic setting. A great performance. Overall, the sound is great. It's a fantastic "live" effort, and the crowd was very lucky indeed. The reason for live being in quotation marks is because there is a shade of doubt in my mind that this CD was done completely live. Seems to be too good to be completely live. Then again, I might be wrong. Seether might just be incredible live. // 10

Lyrics: Not really a lot to say about the lyrics, Shaun chooses to change a few words here and there, but hey, they're his songs, he can change what he wants, I guess. As far as how Shaun sang, I thought it was brilliant. He has the same Cobain-esq rasp in his voice, which has given them the Nirvana sound. A great effort to sing consistently that well throughout the album, and is able to hold up in the guitar department as well. The lyrics fit perfectly with the music, as they always do. Can't fault it. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a brilliant album, a must have for any grunge/metal/rock fan. If you've enjoyed any of Seether's songs, this is one for you. I enjoyed most of this album. It managed to keep me awake and writing this review (just so you all know, its nearing 2am in Aus). I can't stress how hard it was to pick out the best from an outstanding album, but heres the most impressive songs on the album (in my opinion): Truth, Immortality, Fine Again. I like most things about this album. It's nicely played, and sung. They way they've changed things is very nice, and thought through to sound the best it can. As far as what I don't like, I can't think of anything other than attempting to make a song that's meant to be heavy into an acoustic song. It just didn't do it for me. If it was stolen, I'm almost certain I'd end up with another copy eventually. To finish off, I'd like to say it was a pleasure listening to this album. It was purely brilliant. // 10

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overall: 9.7
One Cold Night Reviewed by: cjlane, on january 09, 2009
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Sound: One Cold Night's sound is very melodic. Although the album is an acoustic record, it's one that you can head-bang to anyway, the guitars have such an over driven grunt that's incredibly powerful and melodic. The CD does indeed have a story attached to it as the venue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Grape Street Club) is where at-the-time guitarist Pat Callahan auditioned for Seether. We definately feel and hear the Nirvana influence in this album and is incredibly reminiscent of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged album. Despite this, Seether has made this all their own with their astonishing, covers, power-ballads and hits that you just wont forget. // 9

Lyrics: Overall I am impressed with the lyrics greatly, with Seether we don't hear or feel the repetitive "woah-oh's" or "oh baby baby's" that we find too often in rock, but instead find intelligent, witty and sometimes humorous lyrics that reflect on life and convey a message, if any man deserved their own dictionary, please let it be Shaun Morgan. Front man Shaun Morgan has an incredible talent, he manages to hit any note he wants despite him being in the studio or on the stage infront of us, on this album he has the ability to emulate the previous studio recordings of these songs, but does it in such a manner that it gives us the edgy raw sound that is unmistakable on One Cold Night, all this talent for a singer that doesn't have any special training in vocal ability get an A+ in my book. // 10

Overall Impression: Does this album compare to other albums? No, sorry it doesn't. Why should it? This is a new step forward for Seether, never having released a live OR acoustic album before, this album stands on it's own as one of the greatest live performances in modern rock and shouldn't be compared to any album prequels or sequels. The most impressive songs on this album are the edgy rock-grunt of Gasoline, the power-ballad that nails every word into your head upon first listen, Driven Under, the melodic and harmonic hit known as Fine Again and the Gasoline counterpart, Remedy. I love how this album is like listening to a whole new array of Seether hits even though they've given their older hits and acoustic twist, infact there isn't anything to hate and, if anything, it's that two of the greatest Seether songs Needles and Burrito were removed from the album. If it was stolen or lost would I buy it again? Yes I would, this is a modern rock act that deserves to be supported and keep the grunge scene going. // 10

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overall: 9.7
One Cold Night Reviewed by: ChayceDavis#1DD, on may 14, 2012
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Sound: This album sounds almost like an acoustic studio album. The bass and acoustic guitars are powerful throughout the venue they are playing in. Seether frontman Shaun Morgan had to go into rehab and also needed to cancel their tour with 3 Doors Down because of it. So instead they decided to do an acoustic performance and release the performance on DVD/CD combo. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are powerful in "Truth" and "The Gift". A lot of powerful yelling is used around the end of these songs. Shaun Morgan seems to have his pitch and melody tuned perfectly for this performance. The words Shaun screams at the end of "Truth" "I'm BEATEN DOWN!" is just perfection. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is unlike and other I've heard of, the fact that it's acoustic just blows me away. The most impressive songs from this album would have to be "Gasoline" and "Truth". I love the fact that even though their tour was canceled, they still put on a show for their fans. Acoustic! If this album were stolen I would really consider buying it again on iTunes. // 10

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