Renacer review by Senses Fail

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  • Released: Mar 26, 2013
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (36 votes)
Senses Fail: Renacer

Sound — 10
Four albums later and Senses Fail was still relevant in 2010 but it was obvious that every album just followed a formula and sales were dwindling. Then a blessing in disguise occurred, Garrett Zablocki (guitarist and main songwriter) left the band in late 2010 after eight years. Obviously with a main songwriter gone, things would be different and they are on Senses Fail's fifth full length "Renacer". The album is hardcore, on that fine border of hard metal and hardcore punk and the album definitely sounds like a new and improved Senses Fail. No more is the catchy punk with a basic formula. This album goes hard and feels natural compared to previous albums. It's Senses Fail at its best, powerful drums, blaring guitar tuned down and bass that you can actually in a way feel. There's no break in the pace of this album, it's fast and an onslaught the entire way, with only slight breaks, up until the last track where things slow down for a bit.

Lyrics — 7
Since 2002 Buddy Nielsen has been lead singer and lyricist for Senses Fail and it showed. All the lyrics were emotional and about suicide, addiction, self loathing and his bad relations with his father. Now though he has moved on in a sense and has written some of the most positive lyrics you could imagine. Now that may be hard to believe based on the relentless screaming and thrashing guitars but it is the sweet irony in this record, it isn't just any record and it's not just about being hardcore, it's about overcoming and letting go which comes up a lot in this record. Granted some songs are as well written as others and the lead single "Mi Amor" is a great experiment into another language but it falls a bit short. Overall the lyrics are great and positive while being delivered in a screaming and rough form that gives a great contrast.

Overall Impression — 9
In Spanish "renacer" mean "to be reborn" and Senses Fail was definitely reborn on this record. After years of the same old stuff being thrown back at us, Senses Fail have finally thrown one hell of a curve ball and been able to show a new side of themselves. After declining sales and just being lost, they have found themselves in a positive side of life while still being able to be hardcore as $#*&. Overall "Renacer" is Senses Fail at their best and every element together provides a great look at exactly how things are going to be from now on and I don't think anyone will mind.

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    I absolutely love the album! but ive been looking for a while for tabs of some of the songs and have come up empty, particularly ( snake bite/ courage of the knife/ between the mountains and the sea/ and Holy mountain) if anyone finds 'em let me know!