Elect The Dead Symphony [DVD] Review

artist: Serj Tankian date: 06/16/2010 category: compact discs
Serj Tankian: Elect The Dead Symphony [DVD]
Release Date: March 9, 2010
Rock musicians have certainly collaborated with orchestras in the past, but never has there been such a seamless transition with Serj Tankian's Elect The Dead Symphony.
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Elect The Dead Symphony [DVD] Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 19, 2010
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Sound: Serj Tankian has commanded attention with his powerhouse vocals and politically driven mindset since emerging on the scene with System of a Down in the 90's, but his latest artistic endeavor drives that point home more than ever before. Taking songs from his solo debut Elect The Dead and creating orchestral arrangements with John Psathas, Tankian has interestingly enough never seemed so at home. Everyone from Metallica to The Scorpions have collaborated with symphonies in the past with mixed results, but Tankian's absurdly wide vocal range is possibly the best match yet for such an undertaking. The CD/DVD Elect The Dead Symphony obviously won't have the same flash or energy that you might get at a System of a Down show, and yet somehow Tankian still manages to engage with his expressive delivery and the mass of talented musicians backing him. Performed at New Zealand's Auckland Town Hall with the 70-piece Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the Elect The Dead Symphony features 14 songs, most of which are included on Tankian's debut record. The entire concert feels more like your standard orchestral presentation than previous rock musicians' attempts, primarily because Tankian not only arrives dressed to the nines in a gleaming white suit, but also because he could stand toe to toe with many opera singers out there. From the opening number Feed Us to the encore Empty Walls, Tankian's vocals never falter. In fact, he lets out a jaw-dropping operatic belt in more than a few numbers that just sounds incredible next to the lush orchestral arrangements. It's true that the energy never matches that of a typical rock concert, but it's still amazing how a massive string section can still pack a punch and this one does many times over. While there are some wildly adventurous arrangements (particularly the vaudevillian Lie Lie Lie), Tankian isn't afraid to strip songs down when necessary. In Gate 21, a song which he tells the crowd he's never performed before, Tankian takes to the piano and creates one of the most moving, intimate moments of the evening. It's obvious that Tankian has a deep emotional connection to the songs (he declared that a song like Baby essentially came from the inspiration of the universe), and that's a side to the singer that although is somewhat apparent in System, truly is evident in 14 songs heard in the Elect The Dead Symphony. // 9

Overall Impression: It's up for debate whether Tankian's solo work is as memorable as his material in System of a Down, but the frontman makes a massive impression alongside the Auckland players. While we'd hate to lose him as a central player in the rock world, the man has an astounding gift. The final orchestral arrangements actually seemed more fitting for Tankian, and the emotional delivery was only helped by the transition. Even if you're not a huge fan of the solo debut, the Elect The Dead Symphony will more than likely leave you with a very healthy respect for Serj Tankian. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Elect The Dead Symphony [DVD] Reviewed by: AlexGary, on june 16, 2010
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Sound: After two years and a half, Serj Tankian comes back with a CD-DVD named Elect The Dead Symphony. This CD-DVD includes a live prestation of Serj Tankian's songs of his previous album Elect The Dead but he makes orchestral arrangements and creates 14 masterpieces. First of all, since Toxicity, I'm a really big fan of System Of A Down and all members of the band. The Tankian's solo project is, according to me, awesome. With an orchestra playing his own songs and his opera-esque voice totally insane, the match-up is completely mad. The CD include the same prestation than the DVD but the DVD is better because we can see the emotion in his voice and in his mimics, the reactions of the crowd, etc. // 10

Overall Impression: That's really not the same songs than Elect The Dead album. The lourd sound of the orchestra is absolutely insane. That's probably the most beautiful music that I've ever heard. Some songs are better than the original like "Honking Antelope", "Empty Walls" and "Feed Us". But I think the best songs is the new one "Gate 21". That's only Serj at the piano, four chords played differently but with his voice at his best, from low to high notes. A-MA-ZING! At the beginning, I didn't know how he arranged some songs with an orchestra like "Lie Lie Lie" or "Money" but the heavy guitar riffs and the humorous side of the first one is not an obstacle for Serj Tankian. If the CD-DVD cost 100$, buy it and you won // 10

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