Harakiri review by Serj Tankian

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  • Released: Jul 10, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (53 votes)
Serj Tankian: Harakiri

Sound — 9
01. "Cornucopia" - A good opener that sets the pace for the entire album. 02. "Figure It Out" - A fast track with very System-ish riffs. 03. "Ching Chime" - In my opinion the best song on the album. Great instrumentals and vocal work make this one of Serj's best songs to date. 04. "Butterflies" - Another good song, but nothing that really stands out. 05. "Harakiri" - Another very good song off of the album. This song is more focused on Serj's vocal abilities than others. 06. "Occupied Tears" - Another brilliant track. Serj uses his soaring vocals to create a nearly flawless track. 07. "Deafening Silences" - My least favorite track off of "Harakiri". It is slow and I found it boring at times. 08. "Forget Me Knot" - A nice sentimental song. A good change of pace. 09. "Reality TV" - This was the hidden jem for me. Great relevant lyrics with brilliant vocal work. 10. "Uneducated Democracy" - Another fast song, with driving riffs, but not as good as "Figure It Out". 11. "Weave On" - An average closer to the album.

Lyrics — 9
Serj Tankian has always been known for his deep, poetic-style lyrics, and that doesn't change here. However, sometimes his lyrics are overly cryptic and the listener does not receive the message Serj is trying to send. Overall, very good lyrics with a deep meaning.

Overall Impression — 9
In Serj's third solo attempt, he comes out with his best release yet. With soaring vocals and beautiful instrumental, Serj creates an album unlike anything that he has made before. The album has some absolutely spectacular tracks ("Ching Chime", "Occupied Tears", etc.) and some not so good tracks ("Deafening Silences", "Weave On", etc.) However it is a very good album and definitely worth a purchase. If I lost this album, I would definitely buy a new one.

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    I can't believe there still wasn't any review for this! Amazing work from Serj once again! I loved the more symphonic/less guitar work of IH, but this one brings him back on the track with genius!
    It's not his best solo album, but it's definitely better than Imperfect Harmonies. But it's still doesn't touch Elect the Dead, imo, something about it feels too polished for it's own good.
    "Best release yet"?? I don't think so.. Except Harakiri all other songs were just plain boring, like fillers with no real idea behind them. Imperfect Harmonies was really good though
    No they werent, thats you're opinion!!! I really like Harakiri, Butterfly, Occupied Tears and all the other songs
    I thought I was the only one who thinks like that... Imperfect Harmonies and Elect The Dead were REALLY awesome. Which makes this album even more of a disappoint...
    This makes me sad, musically, the way he sings, the lyrics and condemnation in his voice. I dont like this album, cuz it doesn't like me. Its lost its Serjy humour.
    I don't like the album that much but I couldn't stop listening to the track "Ching Chime".
    Elect the Dead will still be one of my favorites, but this new album IMO was a step up from Imperfect Harmonies.
    I love Serj Tankian. Elect the Dead was one hell of an album. I've flicked through this one and really like the melodic punky sound.
    I'm sorry but I still think the first two albums are better. Especially the first.
    serj's solo stuff blows. SOTD was better IMO. I saw him do a solo show once, and i left half way through. Horrible.
    Psycho Pigeon
    I was at reading festival 2008, he was there during the day on the main stage, half crowd capacity watching. He needs to stick with SOAD.
    I just downloaded this album for free, so he can't get any money, then gave the pirate copy to all my friends to make him lose even more money, just for making an album that sucks so many monkey balls!
    By that logic, you should be pressing Nickelback's entire catalog on vinyl, as well.
    To quote Fred Durst here... "Keep trolling, trolling, trolling, trolling, trolling..."
    Ching Chime and Forget Me Knot are my favorites, and the two bonus songs, "Revolver" and "Tyrant's Gratitude" should've made the album because they are really good and better than most songs on here. I still prefer Elect the Dead by a longshot, that was a truly legendary album.
    Serj's solo stuff is so pointless as was Scars on Broadway. It's like angels and airwaves and +44 to Blink. Pointless. I never understood the fascination with Empty Walls either. It had the same beat as Spiders and the same singing as Beethoven's C***. However, it was lesser then both songs. Oh well. This album really was his best so far.
    Neither Scars on Broadway nor Serj's solo work are pointless. Many many people enjoy it. They enjoy writing the music. I'm sure they enjoy playing the music. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it pointless.
    I love SOAD and Serj, But I just couldn't stand this album. It's just wrong in so many ways. The song writing, the lyrics, the singing, Sorry, id prefer to be honest.