Ignition Review

artist: Seventh Promise date: 07/22/2015 category: compact discs
Seventh Promise: Ignition
Released: Jul 24, 2015
Genre: Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock
Label: Self-released
Number Of Tracks: 9
"Ignition" has something to offer for most listeners: fast parts for headbanging, good sing-alongs and groovy rhythms.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
Ignition Reviewed by: Todmann, on july 22, 2015
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Sound: Singer: the voice of leadsinger Phil is very unique and invites to sing along with the tracks and makes you wanna move.

Instruments: very classic setting with 2 guitars, 1 bass and drums. The guitars sound like they should for a rock album: snappy, hard and melodious. Even though the singers voice is mostly in the foreground the bass guitar doesn't drown in the mix.

The album is produced in a good quality: No overlappings, clear part changes and each instrument as well as the singer are easy to hear in the mix. Seventh Promise combines a modern rock sound and heavy riffs with clear pop vocals. "Ignition" has something to offer for most listeners: fast parts for headbanging, good sing-alongs and groovy rhythms. // 8

Lyrics: Overall impression: the lyrics are easy to understand and well structured. Most parts leave enough space for interpretation in the meanings of lyrics. I want to point out the track "Ten Feet Under" as a good example. I enjoyed figuring out the meanings and stories behind the songs.

Compliance lyrics: text and music complete each over very well and often deliver something unexpected.

Singer/lyrics: the lead singer does well in giving the right amount of emotion for each part while singing clearly and understandable. // 7

Overall Impression: Compare album: "Ignition" has found its very own sound but still catches up with other newcomer records. Also it stands out lyrically in the genre as it motivated me to think about meanings of lyrics.

Song: I enjoyed "The Right Way" the most on this record. It's a motivating song for thinking and throwing yourself in a moshpit.

Love: the best thing on this albums are the melodies forcing you to move, because thats what I love about music.

If someone had stolen this album from me: I would first try to steal it back and if this doesn't work out I would buy it again. // 8

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