My Host Is A Ghost review by Shaamans

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (3 votes)
Shaamans: My Host Is A Ghost

Sound — 10
First of all, this is quite an eclectic album, and this was quite a good surprise. I mean, one of my friends sent me a iTunes link for a French rock band. To be honest I'm quite used to French rock, and I believed it would be the same mood I was used to hear before. But this indie band have something really special in their sound. Listening to this album you'll go from energetic and violent guitar riffs to really calm and ambient atmospheres. Even though I think that the general mood of the album stays into sadness and sickness and never cross the frontier of happiness. But personnally I like that! There is a really strange and hypnotic mood in the overall production of the album. Some kind of itchy hi freq distortion that really brings to the composition this "sad mood" they try to reach. The lead guitar sounds really smooth but really metalic at the same time, like some kind of old music box. Some arpeggios of the rythm guitar are really memorable and will stay in my mind from now! But rythm guitar sometimes suffers of being a little bit under the mix. The drummer is also really inventive all over the album, rythms are varying, music is never saturated with too much drum rolls, sober and clean, but those rythms really lead the story told by this album. Bassline is quite simple in most songs, but that's crazy efficient in a song like "Zelia". The album sound is beetween accoustic ambient effects "like guitar played with a bow" and electronic effects. This blending gives some kind of unique identity to this band. One bad point, is about the distribution of the album, I bought it on iTunes, but as I like to possess the real object, I'd have loved to find the real CD on Amazon. But I didn't.

Lyrics — 8
Some songs are in english and others are in French. Personally I'm French, and I can mainly judge the lyrics in this language. Lyrics in French are beautiful, really filled with poetry. Some songs are about "terrorism paranoa" and racism, Others are about love "and making love, but with modesty in the chosen words", or about society's injustice. English lyrics seems to be more "musical" words are chosen for their sound more than for their meaning. I don't know if using the both languages was a good choice for this band. I mean, I'm French, and listening to songs in english isn't a problem for me, I got used to that. But is it the same for english people when it's about listening to songs in French? The quality of the singer's voice is also a really good point for this album. He can go from a really smooth and sweet voice, to violent screams, and it gives a really high dynamic range to the songs! The deep voice of the singer is really pleasant to listen, one of the really good points of the album. The bad point of the album for me, is that the band has a strong taste for "instrumental songs". So you'll hear the voice of the singer just on a few songs ! But it's a good point if his voice doesn't touch you, because the instrumental songs are really good anyway!

Overall Impression — 10
There's a feel of a kind of modern pink floyd in this band's sound. The influence of the Post rock scene is also clearly listenable in this album. Some songs there, coud really compare with some songs of Radiohead, which is one of my favourite bands. As a french, I think that my favourite song of the album would certainly be "Il tait une fois" lyrics are just beautiful, and music also. In English, My favourite is certainly "Flesh" even though the cannibal lyrics sounds quite scary. The instrumental "Zelia", really seems to tell a story, just with music, and I really enjoyed it! I simply love the general mood of this album, and it was a good surprise for me. I just regret the album is a little bit short, even if it's quite normal for a new band. And I also would have loved to hear the singer a little bit more! Anyway, this album is a really good surprise for me, and I think I'll listen to it quite a long time!

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