Fallout From The War Review

artist: Shadows Fall date: 03/02/2009 category: compact discs
Shadows Fall: Fallout From The War
Release Date: Jun 13, 2006
Label: Century Media
Genres: Heavy Metal, Punk Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal/Black Metal
Number Of Tracks: 11
It's a great informal introduction to the ferocious and melodic witches' brew Shadows Fall always seems to nail.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 10
Fallout From The War Reviewed by: HardAttack, on june 20, 2006
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Sound: Shadows Fall has always been a fantastic band. From disc one, the have evolved in their own metalcore world and grown as musicians. But even their debut disc was innovative and raw. Great sounds to each disc. This disc is unique in that every song is either a new recording, a brand new cover, or an old song previously unreleased on their main CDs that has been re-recorded. Since I have only their major releases, this is a great buy for me. This album sounds closest to 'Art Of Balance', where as the release before this one ('The War Within') was more accessible to everyone. This is for a true metal fan. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics have always been deep and meaningful in past albums. No changes here. Even the cover song they chose for the last track was great. Everything flows evenly, and the singer's voice for both screaming and singing still remains strong to this day. I can only hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as Chris Cornell from Soundgarden did. Audioslave albums are nowhere near as powerful as Soundgarden ones. // 10

Overall Impression: Shadows Fall and Trivium are probably the pioneers for future kinds of metal. All bands are looking to them right now for inspiration, and so far both bands have had plenty of it to pass around. All the song on here are great, but so far my favorites are 'In Effigy', 'Deadworld', 'This Is My Own', 'December', 'Mark Of The Squealer', and 'Teasn', Pleasn''. There is much raw power to each song, even their cover which was brilliantly done. I'd buy it again if it were lost. With this album, I now have all major Shadows Fall releases. 20 years down the road, if these guys still aren't making music, these albums will be worth a lot. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Fallout From The War Reviewed by: WrappedInCold, on june 24, 2006
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Sound: After listening to The War Within enough times, I must say I really was looking forward to how Shadows Fall was going to follow up after creating an awesome cd like The War Within. I must say I am not too suprised with the album's outcome, but I am also kind of dissapointed. Unlike the previous albums Shadows Fall have released, Fallout From the War is definitely more agressive, with a clean guitar part only in one song, "Deadworld." Everything else is up your ass metal in every sense of the word. I must say I was quite suprised to find out that the song "Will To Rebuild," (a song about Hurricane Katrina victims essentially putting themselves back together after all the tradedies that had befallen them) is one of, if not the heaviest song in the album. However due to the contents of the lyrics its not suprising that all these song are filled with rage. Lead guitarist Jonathan Donais and guitarist Matthew Bachnad showcase their guitar skills superbly. My only problem is that some of the solos seem out of place, and that the drums overpower the solos at some points too, making the solos feel very weak. Another problem that I have is that three of the songs on the album are cover songs, even though Brian Fair and the rest of the guys do good jobs of covering these songs; I really would have liked more original songs, especially since the cover songs really feel out of place with the brutality and anger of the rest of the songs. There really is nothing innovative or inspiring about this album unfortunately, however fans will be pleased to know that unlike a lot of bands Shadows Fall stays true to their style and doesn't try to imitate. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics, on the other hand are very well written and match the overtone of the album. Fallout From the War has songs about Katrina victims, war related issues (cough war on Iraq) and one odd song about "People out there sitting around in there underwear talking shit on the internet from their parent's basement" (quote taken from the booklet inside the CD). Brain Fair does his good share of clean and "agressive" vocals like in other albums. I don't feel that Brain Fair is the best singer out there but he definitely is decent enough to listen too, its the lyrics that he sings that makes me come back for more. One of my favorite verses has to be in Carpal Tunnel. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, Fallout From The War is a good album, although theres nothing innovative about it, it is better than some of the stuff artists release. However, compared to The War Within, who many believed Shadows Fall tried too hard too make a Master Of Puppets like album; Fallout From The War feels like Shadows Fall didn't try too hard enough. It still is a good album and I think that fans won't be dissapointed with this one. // 8

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overall: 6.7
Fallout From The War Reviewed by: sandfighter, on november 27, 2007
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Sound: Shadows Fall always pretended to be one of the best metal/metalcore bands but the closer to their latest album the closer to the red thin line between havy music and shitty music. Speaking about creativity evolving around the album: after first few tracks I noticed that music is being adapted from one to another. Of course some changes have been made but it is very unlikely that this album contains some written one after another without making up their mind about breaks and thinking. // 6

Lyrics: I got used to standard lyrics made one by one for nothing, just to pass the recording process. But every single Shadows Fall album convices me that it is light in this dark and blurry tunnel of metal today. But apart from the vocalist, the rest of the band have to focus on what they're making cause they are keeping themselves in the one tiny horizon. Ad vocals are a damn good job, but sometimes to screamy. // 8

Overall Impression: In the mean time some Killswitch Engage recorded a very good album, streching their fingers on a spider riffs and being metal as well. But Shadows Fall are still walking the same metal-metal path trying to be so heavy that their music became ugly and very brute, though very good technically. Although metal riffs they're serving us prove that only the chosen group of bands can do good things to heavy music. Maybe they will do that on their next album? // 6

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overall: 9.3
Fallout From The War Reviewed by: ctdguyiam, on march 02, 2009
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Sound: First off, Shadows Fall, as always, never ceases to amaze me. And they continue to do so with "Fallout From The War". I was suprised to find that this is one of their heavier albums. There's a lot more acreaming and brutal riffs on this one, but they still slow it down and keep it clean on the album at times. Of the 11 tracks, 3 are covers, including "Teasn', Pleasn'" which they recorded with original DT vocalist Jason McMasters. The other covers are Leeway's "Mark Of The Squealer" and Only Living Witness' "December" which, in my opinion, they did a great job of covering. Along with those covers you'll find some songs from the Shad's early days, one of which is "Deadworld". The version on the album is the original version and not the version that some may be familiar with from the Japanese released EP, which kind of suprised me. As always, the twin guitars of Matt and Jon are amazing. The vocals sound great though there is a lot more screaming on this album. It's much heavier then their previous release "The War Within". This one's for the metalcore fans. Track Listing: 01.In Effigy 02>Will To Rebuild 3>Haunting Me Endlessly 4>Seize The Calm 5>Carpal Tunnel 6>Going, Going, Gone 7>Deadworld 8>This Is My Own 9>December 10>Mark Of The Squealer 11>Teasn', Pleasn' ft. Jason McMasters // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics, as any fan of the band would know, have some sort of meaning. Whether it's about hurricane victims, internet trash-talkers, or war, the Shad's deliver. The lyrics and vocals go perfectly with the music, making each track sound great. There's a lot more vocal harmonies on this album then in the past and the lyrics, as always, are both screamed and sung, which makes a nice mix. // 10

Overall Impression: The Shad's have come a long way since they began and this album shows it. The music sounds great as do the lyrics and it's really impressive. My personal favorites were "In Effigy", "Deadworld", "December", and "Carpal Tunnel". This album is definitely worth the buy and I recommend checking it out. You won't be disappointed with it. // 9

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