Fire From The Sky Review

artist: Shadows Fall date: 05/17/2012 category: compact discs
Shadows Fall: Fire From The Sky
Released: May 15, 2012
Genre: Thrash Metal, Metalcore
Label: Razor & Tie
Number Of Tracks: 10
Shadows Fall return again with another solid slab of Massachusetts metal and a new look.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 8.3
Fire From The Sky Reviewed by: a drummer, on may 17, 2012
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Sound: Shadows Fall return again with another solid slab of Massachusetts metal and a new look. The members decided to do a "fresh start" thing with the band and completely redesign the logo for a new era of SF... Even though it still sounds just like Shadows Fall did, nothing new. It sounds very similar to their last effort "Retribution" with no ballads anymore, just well polished metal. Speaking of well polished, "Fire From The Sky" was recorded with Adam D. behind the boards. Most people reading this review most likely know who he is, if not... Just know he makes your album sound GOOD. He also happens to play guitar. Jason Bittner (drums) sounds better and more precise than ever. As for the guitars, provided by Matt Bachand and Jon Donais, they shine on this album. Their tone is great and the clarity through the audio is perfect. Jon's solo's are super tasty as always. Overall the music is very well-written throughout, far from groundbreaking but very solid metal as mentioned before. // 9

Lyrics: I've never been a big fan Shadows Fall's lyrics, and this release hasn't changed my mind, though that's only my opinion. I'm pretty sure Brian Fair (Vocals) is the main writer of the lyrics and definitely delivers them well throughout the record switching through different styles, giving his "Hetfield" style shout, yelling, singing, and his lion roar sounding scream. Matt Bachand lays down his usual death metal growls and smooth, clean singing very well on "Fire From The Sky". The Lyrics consist of a few different themes, mostly revolving around the struggle of another, self struggle, or power. I'm not the best lyric "interpreter" so don't take my word on that, as lyrics are very subjective. // 7

Overall Impression: I'm enjoying this record, It's no "The Art Of Balance" but it's a very solid release. I doubt it will make any best-of 2012 lists but that doesn't mean you shouldn't skip it. Listen to it if you get the chance, and if you like the CD, then buy the CD and support the band! Unlike most modern records which tend to be top heavy (All the good track in the front), I found this one to be the total opposite. I dug the album opener "The Unknown" it starts out with a very signature Shadows Fall sounding guitar riff, and then just turns thrash. It's awesome, also the title track of the album kicks ass and is the most different sounding song on the record, maintaing a dark feel throughout the whole track. The last three track are very good, especially "The Wasteland", the final track. I usually skip over track 2, "Divide And Conquer", it reminds me way too much of Five Finger Death Punch, and I don't like that band at all. I doubt I'd get this album again if something happened, but since its already on my computer, its safe and here to stay. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Fire From The Sky Reviewed by: skatelover_911, on may 17, 2012
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Sound: When I first put in this album I was instantly hooked. Incredible guitar parts, crazy harmonies, intense ass drums and lets be honest... The entire band is incredible. Keep true to their sound and in my opinion go back more into their thrash roots. Amazing album, totally hooked. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics are as strong as ever. Heavy, brutal, everything you could ask for from Shadows Fall. Very Machine Head-ish which I do really enjoy being one of my favorite bands. Overall I find the singing very good and compliant with the music. Gives meaning and it really brings out Brian's personality I feel in a few of the songs. Just great. // 9

Overall Impression: "Threads Of Life" will always be my favorite album hands down, it is hard to beat, but my first impression was nothing less than spectacular. The 1st song on the album, "The Unknown" starts with an amazing harmonized riff and just builds into what we all know and love about Shadows Fall. Personal favorite off the album though is "Walk The Edge", amazing guitar line and the way the drums sync at the start is just awesome which leads into an amazing clean line with amazing vocals. I love everything about this album, cannot say anything about it. Go buy this, now. Not tomorrow, now. Perfection at its finest. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Fire From The Sky Reviewed by: HardAttack, on may 17, 2012
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Sound: Shadows Fall has always been a band I've been infatuated with, from their earlier years to their first effort on their own label. Guitarist Jon Donais and drummer Jason Bittner have always left me in awe after each album from a technical standpoint, and everything about them has always been crushing, and "Fire From The Sky" is no exception to that. It is a continuation of their previous work that adds in something new; some heavier influences from more classic thrash metal bands like Metallica or Slayer. The guitar playing has changed a little, but in a way that somehow adds something new yet takes away nothing from their previous work. That's hard to do musically. The vocals here can be equally melodic and crushing, guitar work is as brilliant as ever, and the drums never disappoint. Jason Bittner has won awards and recognition, and he hasn't lost a step. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrical work on this album isn't supposed to be considered conceptual. A hand full of songs however, are supposed to reflect today's culture and the possibility that we may be on the path to destroying ourselves. I wouldn't doubt that one bit, but that's a discussion for the pit, not my review. I don't think from a poetic standpoint that the lyrics are incredibly complex, but they do make use of metaphors instead of just yelling whatever comes to mind into the microphone which is more than I can say for a lot of metal bands. And they do have statements to make. Going back to what I said in the first paragraph, I think the album shines the most from an auditory point of view. The actual sound of the vocals surpass the lyrics. And to be quite frank; I'd rather that I enjoy what I listen to than agree with the political or cultural views of a horrible singer/screamer. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, I prefer this album over their last release, "Retribution". It wasn't a bad album, but I probably think it's my least favorite. There weren't a lot of tracks that I felt were "punishing", and it seemed like they were wondering where to go now that they didn't have a big corporate label telling them were to go. I think they have eased their way back into their old selves but kept their integrity by trying some new things on "Fire From The Sky". I really enjoy "Save Your Soul", "Weight Of The World" and although "The Unknown", which is the title track isn't a favorite of mine, it's a prime example of the thrash element they're introducing here. And it sounds good. I'd definitely get the album again if it were taken from me. And it's an absolute steal at only $9.99. And the version from Best Buy has a bonus DVD with it as well. Can't go wrong for that kind of money, and more of it is going towards the artists rather than the record company than their previous records. This last statement might be bold, but I feel I need to say it. Bottom line: I think this is their best work since "The War Within". // 9

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