The Art Of Touring [DVD] review by Shadows Fall

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  • Released: Nov 15, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (8 votes)
Shadows Fall: The Art Of Touring [DVD]

Sound — 8
The Art Of Touring, the live DVD from Sahdows Fall contains footage from the 2002 tour for The Art Of Balance album. The band sounds exactly like they always have to me, which is great. But you can't really capture the way the band sounds on this DVD. But it's still worth at least taking a look at.

Content — 10
Along with all the live footage, this DVD includes backstage shots that are hilarious. Whether it's the makeshift trailor lights at a local wal-mart or the tricking of a friend into shorty shorts at a gay nightclub, this DVD has it all. Not only that, but it includes the music videos for "Thoughts Without Words", "Destroyer Of Senses", and "The Idiot Box" from The Art Of Balance album along with the videos of "The Power Of I And I", "What Drives The Weak", and "Inspiration On Demand" from The War Within album. Set List: 01.Thoughts Without Words-(The Art Of Balance) 02.Destroyer Of Senses-(The Art Of Balance) 03.The Idiot Box-(The Art Of Balance) 04.Of One Blood-(Of One Blood) 05.The First Noble Truth-(Of One Blood) 06.Stepping Outside The Circle-(The Art Of Balance) 07.A Fire In Babylon-(The Art Of Balance) 08.Fleshold-(Of One Blood) 09.Walk Cover ft. Damageplan 10.Livewire Cover 11.Teasin' Pleasin' Cover ft. Jason McMaster

Production Quality — 8
The production quality on some songs were excellent while on others it wasn't as great but still pretty good. On a couple of the videos, the camera used to film was slightly damaged creating a small static-like blur on the side of the screen. Most of the time, the performances were filmed at a distance but the close-ups were amazing. The only song that sounds absolutely horrible is Walk ft. Damageplan. I believe the reason for the horrible sounding track and some production mishaps is that they used handheld cameras to film everything, most likely because at the time they were a new artist and couldn't afford to use high-quality cameras. But the majority of the DVD sounds great.

Overall Impression — 8
This DVD is a pretty decent production for the band. The only thing I wished they would of did is to play some of the new songs from their album, The War Within. The production could've been a bit better, but the including of 6 music videos, backstage footage, and the appearance of Zakk Wylde plus others makes up for it slightly. This isn't the best DVD of a live band, but it's a good try for them seeing as they were new on the scene when it came out.

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    Yeah I am a huge shadows fall fan, but this dvd really wasn't that great as far as the concert footage went. It would have been much better if they took their performance from one concert and had multiple cameras set up. The killswitch engage dvd is a perfect example on how these dvds should be. But yeah the extra footage of the shad gang messing around is hilarious and a great addition to the dvd.
    I didn't like this dvd.Its like a bootleg video when comes down to the live shows.bad quailty.Not as good as any other band dvd in this genre.luckily i bought it used.